Customer service companies

What are customer service companies?

If your customer representatives can not handle raising number of incoming customer issues and inquiries, there is solution for you. Customer service companies are outsourcing companies that provide complete customer support. Their customer service team is trained to quickly answer all tickets and troubleshoot problems, issues or complaints.

Customer service companies can deliver 24/7 service. They offer various reports, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), so you have a great overview about delivered support. They can also connect to your own help desk software and follow existing processes.

Frequently asked questions

What are customer service companies?

Customer service companies are companies that deal with customer service. They usually provide 24/7 services. Thanks to this, they can support the operation of your company, and you can rest assured, because your clients are looked after around the clock.

What are the most well-known customer service companies?

There are many companies that deal and specialize only in customer service. The most popular customer service companies are Joe's salesman, Rackspace, Ritz Carlton, Powstia, Budder, Studio Press, JetBlue and Wistia.

How many customer service companies are there?

There are hundreds of thousands of customer service companies around the world. Before you decide which of the companies you want to cooperate with, define your budget, your expectations towards the company, and find out about the offers of the companies that interest you and choose the best one for you.

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