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What is a Customer form?

A great customer support increase a customer satisfaction and loyalty. To provide a better support, it is necessary to have more information about customers. One way to get them is through a customer form. There you will be able to see, how many times customer have contacted company before, their preferences and much more.

These customer forms can be also filled out by agents after communication with customers. Then agents have more info and they can help to customers faster and better.

Frequently asked questions

What is a customer form?

A customer form is one of the forms that gives you the chance to get more information about your customers. Both the client and the agent can fill them in after contacting the client. Thanks to the information collected in this way, the agents have a broader image of the client.

How to access customer form in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent client forms are available in the agent's panel. And they are available to agents with all available roles. Thanks to this, the agent can easily obtain information about the client whose case is being dealt with.

How to edit customer form in LiveAgent?

To go to customer forms in LiveAgent, go to "Configuration". There you will find a link to the customer form and you can edit its form and adapt it as needed.

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Expert note

Collecting information about customers through a customer form is crucial for providing better support and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Surveys and interviews that are filled by customers are called customer service surveys. They help to monitor and track the satisfaction of the customers.

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Customer service is there for customers to help them. It is up to the customer how good or bad review will be. Reviews can be various.

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Customer service reports are crucial for improving business practices and meeting customer needs. LiveAgent offers 11 features to monitor and analyze customer service performance, including analytics overview and agent rankings. Customer feedback is also important for businesses to improve and evolve. LiveAgent provides customer service software to help solve the problem of juggling multiple platforms. A customer service evaluation checklist can help businesses identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to provide better service. LiveAgent offers demo pricing, features, integrations, and alternatives for customer service software.

Outstanding customer service can be a key strategy for building sales, revenues and customer satisfaction. Representatives have to have good knowledge.

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Customer service video is a short video that offers a big value to customer representatives (funny videos, training videos or inspiring videos).

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The text discusses customer service tools and training for teams, emphasizing the importance of defining expectations and budget before choosing a company. It also highlights the benefits of using video to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. LiveAgent is mentioned as a comprehensive customer support tool. The text ends with a message about building a LiveAgent dashboard and a reminder about the website's use of cookies.

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