Current user

Who is a current user?

The last agent, who updated a ticket is also called a Current user. It is normal, that the Current user is not the same customer representative who was assigned to a ticket before. When a ticket is updated, current user becomes different too.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term current user mean?

The current user is the agent that last updated the ticket. It does not necessarily have to be the agent that is assigned to the ticket. The moment the ticket is updated by another agent, the current user changes.

How can you check current user in LiveAgent?

To check who is the current user for a given ticket, go to the LiveAgent panel. There, next to the list of individual tickets, you will find information about current users. You can follow the story regularly.

Can you edit current users in LiveAgent?

If you have access to a given ticket and can edit it, you can change the current user. When you edit a given ticket, you become the current user. This feature helps you identify who made the last changes to your ticket.

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