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What is a contact?

Read information about your customers from basic contact info, language preferences, to any customer data captured in user fields. Every time someone contacts you, a new contact is created in LiveAgent. You can also extend your contact information with custom fields.


What is a contact?

Contact is information about customers contacting the customer service center. It contains both basic contact details, language preferences and other customer data collected in the form. A contact is created each time a new customer contacts the agent.

Does LiveAgent automatically create contacts?

LiveAgent creates a new contact automatically each time a new client contacts the agent. Of course, data that is loaded automatically can be completed manually and add detailed information about the client.

What is basic contact information?

Basic contact information is the username, contact information such as e-mail or telephone number, as well as language preferences. Thanks to contacts, you can easily get to know the client who contacts the company in general. It also facilitates communication on the client-agent line.

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