Contact center software

What is contact center software?

Contact center software is a technology that sends customer contacts across various channels (e.g. email, phone, live chat, social media and more) to customer service representatives. It raises the efficiency and productivity of a contact center.

Contact center is a part of an organization that focuses on interactions with customers. Contact center also provides reports of a key metrics. Users are able to set up some rules to make it easier for agents that handle specific types of queries and problems.

Frequently asked questions

What is contact center software?

Contact center software is a technological tool that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the customer service team. Thanks to the use of such software, the contact between the customer and the customer service agent is easier and more efficient.

Does LiveAgent provide contact center software?

LiveAgent is primarily software for a contact center. Provides multichannel solutions for help desks. It offers features such as support for phone calls, mailboxes, chats and social media. It provides many amenities that enable better contact with the client.

What are the must-have contact center software?

A good software for the customer service center should have an automatic call distributor. Thanks to this functionality, the client will quickly find the right agent. The second important feature is multi-level IVR which allows callers to easily select the section they want to contact. A useful feature is to route clients to agents according to their skills and create custom connection queues that allow them to connect to the appropriate agents. An unquestionable advantage of the customer service center software is the possibility of synchronization with CRM and other business tools.

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