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What is a condition?

Condition is an essential part of a Rule in LiveAgent. In order for Rules to be triggered, certain conditions have to be met. Rules are fairly easy to setup, however, their options are virtually limitless. By combining various conditions and using the “and” “or” features, you can really fine-tune your automation workflows.


What is a condition?

A condition is an important rule element in LiveAgent that affects the way the rules work. In order to run the rules, certain conditions must be met. By selecting the appropriate conditions for the given rules, you can customize the rules to fine-tune your automation.

What connect rules and conditions?

Rules and conditions have in common that terms are part of the LiveAgent policies. Various conditions affect the proper operation of the rules.

How can you set conditions in LiveAgent?

To set conditions in LiveAgent, go to "Configuration", select "Automation", and then "Rules". After clicking "Create" you can name the rule. For this you can configure the "Apply when" parameter. After that you can add conditions and set actions.

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