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What is a comment?

Communication recorded on tickets consist of Comments. Comments are made by customer representatives and customers. Comments can be private, which can see just a customer support staff and public comments. To post a comment, customers have to write it down and click on the ‘Send’ button. It is so easy and simple.

In LiveAgent, admins are able to view all agent ranking and comments from clients in the tickets. Agent is able to see just his own rankings and comments.

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What is a comment?

A comment is made up of entries submitted by representatives of customers and the customers themselves. They are added in the notifications as valid annotations. They can be private - then they are displayed only by the customer service, but they can also be public.

Who can make comments?

Comments can be written by customer representatives and the customers themselves. They can only be displayed by customer service (then they are private) or they can be public. To publish such a comment, the customer has to write it and click "send".

Where are comments stored in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent comments are stored in the tickets. Admins can view all agent rankings and comments. The agent has access only to his own rankings and comments.

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