Who are collaborators?

In LiveAgent there are many types of agents and roles. Collaborator is a special type of agent with a different permission in LiveAgent.

Collaborators are almost identical with a normal full agent, but there are some differences. Collaborators are not able to communicate with clients. They are able to communicate internally with other customer representatives, add and delete their own attachments or just view a customer info. They often create internal comments in order to solve customer issues and queries.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term ”collaborators” mean?

Collaborators are people who work with others on a specific project or purpose. The collaborator is a special type of agent that cannot contact clients. Usually deals with internal problems.

How to set collaborators in LiveAgent?

Setting up collaborators in LiveAgent is just like assigning other roles. This can be done by the administrator in the LiveAgent panel by entering the configuration.

How to access a list of collaborators in LiveAgent?

To have access to the list of collaborators, you must be assigned a role in the system. To assign a role in the system, you must go to "Configuration" and then select "Agents". In the next step, click "create an agent" and select a role for it: it can be agent, administrator or owner.

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