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What are channels?

Emails, Facebook messages, Twitter, chats through LiveAgent, calls through LiveAgent and much more. These are easy ways to connect with customers and they are also called as Channels. Customer issues can be solved quickly and easily by customer representative staff. Monitor usage of channels and find which is the most popular for your customers. Interaction between customers and company gets more interesting.

Tickets record and store every way of communication between company and clients. Learn more about Tickets in LiveAgent.

LiveAgent's channels


What are channels? (We mean communication channels: email, live chat, call etc.)

Channels are ways you can connect with your client. These include e-mails, social media messages (Facebook, Twitter), chats and phone calls. Monitor which channels are the most popular among your clients and adjust communication for them.

What channels are covered by LiveAgent?

The channels LiveAgent supports are: e-mail, contact form, chat, video chat, voice calls, Facebook and Twitter.

Which channel is most preferred by users?

It depends on many factors. One of the most popular channels among customers are Facebook and Messenger. Many customers choose to solve their problems via social media. WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular with customers, and brands that offer this type of communication can build a competitive advantage. Texting is also still popular. Don't forget the importance of email, which is especially liked in more complicated cases. E-mail communication allows a comprehensive reply with multiple attachments if required.

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