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What is a category?

Category or categories allow you to differentiate between certain kinds of content within LiveAgent customer portal. Placing articles into categories helps you with streamlining the self-help section of your support and makes orientation on your website easier for customers as well as for agents or content creators.



What does a term category mean?

A category is a breakdown according to a given criteria. In LiveAgent you can add specific categories under which you can place e.g. articles.

What categories does LiveAgent provide?

LiveAgent provides categories such as: FAQ, Features and functions, Integrations and plugins, Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting, LiveAgent API, Hosted accounts, Downloadable licenses, Reseller / Partner program, LiveAgent Alternatives, Awards & Certificates

How to change categories in LiveAgent?

If you want to create your category, go to the ‘Configuration’ option, then select the ‘Customer portal’ and ‘Themes’ tabs.

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