What is a bug?

A software bug is a term used to describe an error, mistake, or defect in a computer program that causes accidental results. Buggy systems are not only user-unfriendly but they can result in low customer satisfaction rates. Therefore, every SaaS company should strive to provide bug-free products.

Bugs can cause a wide variety of issues from small formatting changes in the displayed text, to big issues like the program freezing or crashing, loss of valuable data, and even damage to hardware.

There are many types of bugs that can cause different short-term, as well as ongoing issues. Among the most common issues development and testing teams should be familiar with are:

  • Functional errors
  • Syntax errors
  • Logic errors
  • Data type mismatch
  • Security errors
  • Usability errors
  • Performance errors
  • Unit level bugs
  • System-level integration bugs

Bugs in applications can be caused by a variety of factors like miscommunication, unclear requirements, deviation from standards, software complexity, and many more. It is a good practice to periodically generate and analyze bug reports to document issues and avoid them in the future.

Many say that debugging is twice as hard as writing the code itself. To help testing and development teams identify and eliminate bugs, there is a wide variety of debugging tools available. Debugging tools are a type of software that runs and monitors the target program under controlled conditions. This helps identify any changes or deviations that can indicate a malfunction.

It goes without saying that delivering a program that is full of bugs can greatly affect your company’s reputation, worsen customer relationships, and can even lead to customer churn. It’s important to avoid them as much as possible and in case they occur, resolve them in a timely manner within agreed-upon SLAs.

Frequently asked questions

What is a bug?

A definition of a bug in software development is an error or a defect in the program. Unexpected system behaviors and issues occur as a result of the bug. It is any behavior or result that stands against how the program or system was designed. After finding bugs in production environments, they are usually resolved by updates and software patches.

Why should you avoid bugs?

Not every mistake can be avoided. Often it is not dependent on our actions, but many mistakes can be avoided. Why is it important? Errors that pop up on your system or your website can cause losses. And while a short-term error will not threaten your company largely, a large-scale and long-term critical issue can bring you large financial losses.

How to access a list of bugs in LiveAgent?

A list of new features and fixed bugs can be found in the changelog at: https://dev.ladesk.com/all/. It is worth following and checking if any errors occur.

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