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What is a brand?

There are many definitions of word brand. It could be a design, symbol or much more. It could be something like a promise to clients. Brands have to be visible, special, catchy and more. Small businesses can easily build a brand through social media, online reviews, and of course, through a perfect customer service. A great customer service can be a big competitive advantage for them.

Frequently asked questions

What is a brand?

A brand is how an organization, company or person is perceived by the environment and those who have experience with it. A brand is more than just a name, but it is also the feelings that a given company or person evokes in recipients.

How to build a brand?

Building a brand should be thoughtful and should focus on specific steps that need to be taken. If you already know what your company will do exactly, answer the question of what your target group is, and carefully research it.

This step will help you choose the company name, slogan, logo design and the entire visual identity. It is also extremely important to define the purpose and personality of your brand. Thorough competition analysis can also be helpful.

Why is a strong brand important?

First of all, having a strong brand increases customer recognition. If your clients and potential clients know the brand, they may choose it more willingly. Then, your strong brand can build a solid competitive advantage on the market. If your services are widely recognized, your sales may only increase. Strong brands tend to share values with the customers and attract a strong following group, which results in building a loyal community around the brand. Better credibility increases the willingness of customers to buy and interact with the brand, and the brand itself has it easier to introduce new products, services and updates.

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