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Assuming a user

What is assuming a user?

If administrators sign in to LiveAgent as a specific end user, it can be called as assuming a user. So it also gives some abilities to the administrator, e.g. seeing another user’s view. Administrators take control of other users and they are able to look into the personal account settings of these users. It helps with troubleshooting issues and more. It is so easy to sign in as an user in a LiveAgent.


What does assuming a user mean?

An administrator logging into LiveAgent as the specified end user can be invoked as assuming a user. This gives the administrator more options, such as seeing other users’ opinions, taking control of other users, and viewing the settings of personal user accounts.

How does assuming a user feature work?

The administrator can accept end user credentials to view and use technical support as an end user as well. This is useful in resolving issues encountered by clients using support. Remember that any action you take using this feature you do as the user you are logged in to.

Who can use assuming a user feature?

An agent with administrator status can use assuming a user feature. However, please note that the actions taken are performed as the user to whom you are logged in.

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