What is archiving?

It is a great tool that helps to clean up memory and optimize help desk software. By Archiving the data and information is transferred to a rarely used repository. It is possible to archive resolved or closed tickets and emails after a certain time. Archiving runs automatically. It also helps to separate active and archived requests. In LiveAgent you can also archive your all social media communication as a Facebook or Twitter communication in tickets.

Frequently asked questions

What does archiving mean?

Archiving is the act of moving data to another location in storage for long-term storage. In LiveAgent it is possible to archive resolved or closed tickets and e-mails after a specified time.

What can you archive?

In LiveAgent you can archive resolved or closed tickets and an email after a specified time. In addition, you can archive all communication on social media (e.g. on Facebook and Twitter) via reports.

Does LiveAgent offer the feature of archiving?

LiveAgent has an archive option. Thanks to this, the memory is cleaned on an ongoing basis and the technical support software is optimized. Archiving in LiveAgent is automatic. You also have the option of separating active and archived requests.

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