Application Programming Interface

What is API?

API is also called as an Application Programming Interface. It is a combination of various protocols, tools and codes. API is used for creating application softwares and for communication between different software segments. It defines how these components should cooperate. The function of API, is to allow applications communicate to each other. It brings basic commands for performing ordinary operations to developers.

Check LiveAgent’s complete API reference.


Frequently asked questions

What does API mean?

The API, or application programming interface, is a set of rules that accurately describes how programs communicate with each other. First and foremost, it is a specification of guidelines on what the interaction between software components should look like. API implementation is a set of routines, protocols and IT solutions that make up computer applications.

Do LiveAgent share its API?

LiveAgent provides all information about its API.

What actions are available through LiveAgent API?

The LiveAgent API actions available include: Download the list of companies. Delete conversations. Create new conversations. Register new customers. Download the department list. Remove Knowledge Base Entries. Department reports.

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