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Agent collision

What is an agent collision?

Imagine the situation when two agents are viewing and trying to make updates to the same ticket. Agent collision is a special feature, which alarm agents, when situation like this happen. Agents will see a signal on the ticket that who’s viewing and answering the ticket. It is a kind of prevention to avoid the problems.

Use this feature and never be worried about sending a double reply. Try Agent collision in your LiveAgent and use it with the To-solve algorithm.

Learn more about Agent collision in LiveAgent.

Agent collision detection


What is agent collision?

A collision agent is when two agents are simultaneously viewing and trying to make changes to the same ticket. Agent Collision allows you to notify agents that this is the case.

How to prevent agent collision?

Two agents working on the same ticket? It can happen. In LiveAgent, however, you have a feature to prevent agent collisions. Thanks to Agent collision, you receive a notification that someone is also working on the same ticket, thanks to which the client will not receive two replies from two different agents.

How to check for agent collision in LiveAgent?

When agents in LiveAgent collide, agents will receive a notification. Agents will see a signal on the ticket that someone is viewing the ticket at the same time. LiveAgent shows who is watching and collecting the ticket.

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