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Let your customers enter a prompt and direct them to the correct department so they get appropriate help instantly.

Join top companies across the globe that uses incident voice responses to improve their customer service. 

Usage examples

LiveAgent gives you endless possibilities to provide a seamless customer experience over email, chat and phone. Now, with a built in call center.

There are numerous use cases for call center software. For example you can nonnect your Sales Reps with customers via streamlined communication consisting of chats, tickets, calls or social media interaction. And there are others...

Call Center Departments

Let your customers enter a prompt and direct them to the correct department so they get appropriate help instantly.

Language Options

Fetch the name of your customer from your CRM and have LiveAgent generate an automatic greeting message with API.


Connect the customers with support for the specific product of yours and avoid usual switchover between lines.


Connecting after business hours is great way to serve the customers with information what they need and when they need them.


Auto transfers + unlimited choices

Increases first contact resolution

Increases customer satisfaction

Saves money and time of agents

Example of department transfers

See an IVR tree with two available department choices below. Customer can either choose Sales department or Technical department (choice).

Hello, you’ve reached [Company Name]. Please choose from the following menu options:

  • To speak with a Sales representative, press 1.
  • For technical support, press 2.

This saves customer’s and company representative’s time. No extra transfers are needed, when a customers reaches the right department immediately.

Record a custom sound for each automatic department transfer (play).
Add music that is being played before a representative answer the call (online/play).
If there is not an available agent, a customer can leave a voicemail (offline/voicemail).

- choice:
name: Sales department
play: http://www.example.com/sound-sales.mp3
- transfer:
to: salesDep
- play: http://www.example.com/welcome.mp3
- ring
play: http://www.example.com/voicemail.mp3
- voicemail
name: Technical department
play: http://www.example.com/welcome.mp3
- transfer:
to: techDep
- ring
play: http://www.example.com/voicemail.mp3
- voicemail

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