Attended call transfers

Transfering incoming calls to your colleagues is a breeze with LiveAgent's integrated attended call transfers. As a powerful part of call center software with the rest of the features, providing customer support via voice is now eaiser than ever. 

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Attended Transfers

What are attended call transfers?

Call transfers are a rather popular feature of call center software for many telecommunication and enterprise companies. It simply transfers (bumps) a call from one agent to another. There are 2 types of call transfers available, cold and attended. LiveAgent supports attended, warm, call transfers. 

Once a customer calls and is about to be transferred by an agent, the call is put on hold. In the meantime, another call is initiated to make sure the end destination wants to answer it or reject. The outcome of this process differs from being picked up, rejected or simply not answered by an agent. If the call is not picked up, it is returned to the original agent.

Attended Transfers

Who benefits from the attended call transfers?

Trans-national corporations, large enterprise companies and multi-national businesses having several departments and hundreds of agents all have to transfer calls to another agents on a daily basis. Customers' call might end up in the wrong department or being handled by wrong agent. This is where the attended call transfers are the most efficient.

LiveAgent connects with 99+% of VoIP providers

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4 benefits of attended call transfers

Attended Transfers

Contact with impatient customers

Impatient customers looking for an instant help and answers can now be served in a matter of seconds even when they call the wrong department or agent.

Attended Transfers

have time to prepare 

While the incoming call is being transferred to another agent, he / she can get additional information via internal chat from the agent, who picked up the call as first. 

Attended Transfers

Seamless issue resolution

Give your clients the best exprience possible by providing them seamless customer support via transferred calls follow ups via emails. All from same ticket.

Attended Transfers

Increase customer happiness

Happy customers are one of the most precious assets any company can have. Improving their happiness by customized approach is much easier. 

Attended Transfers

Empower your workflow with IVR

Welcome your customers by deploying powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and direct them to a specific department to solve their issues even faster. Create a unique IVR tree, which is ready in a matter of a few minutes. By defining the specific options your customers will be able to choose from, uploading the welcome message or a short snippet of music, you'll be able to provide much more personalized customer approach.

Attended Transfers

Intelligent call routing

An important part of call center software is call routing, also known as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), that is a feature that automatically distributes calls to the agents based on the pre-selected requirements. LiveAgent support call routing based on random assignment or priority assignment. By deploying the random assignment, all of the incoming calls will be distributed to agents in a random order. The priority assignment maximizes the availability of your agents and minimizes the idle-time.

Attended Transfers

Fully packed call center software

Call center software does not have to cost hundreds of bucks. Attended transfers, IVR, unlimited call recordings or call routing are all part of LiveAgent's cloud based call center. Discover all of the integrated features and get ready to talk to your customers via voice. 

The best value for your money

Stay in touch with your customers via voice support by deploying call transfers, unlimited voice recording and your own IVR tree. 


For large businesses and enterprise companies

$39 /mo

You will be in good hands!

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