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Why your business needs an automated drip campaign: 5 tips on getting started

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on January 11, 2022 at 3:17 pm

Although you might dread an overfilled inbox with sales, discounts, promos and flashy banners that don’t tend to load when you open them up, Email is still a good idea. In fact, I would go as far as to say, Email is KING (just like cash). Fine, let’s make it email the Queen (she has more power anyway).

So, when it comes to your B2B business, creating a solid and automated email drip campaign, complete with welcome to retention emails will keep your products/service top of mind and build brand loyalty. Here are some tips on creating a drip that fits your business.

1. Test a standard and flashy template with a plain text email (if you want).

I can bet that the plain text email will win hands down. Most people read their emails on their phone or scan it quickly on their laptops, you don’t want to lose those precious seconds of attention with load time. Usually, a plain text email is a welcome relief after and more importantly, has that personal element.

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2. Welcome email

If you only create one email, make it the welcome email. Have it come from the CEO or Founder if appropriate. Talk about why you’re in business and how you can genuinely help your customer solve their problem. Use numbers, facts with a bit of personal story to keep it personal yet professional but not too salesy. This email tends to get over 60% open rate because you send it right when the person signs up for your product/service so it’ll be the most read in your drip – make it count! This is your first impression to your customer and sometimes, only chance to build a relationship.

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3. Automatize with software

As a startup, you can still do a quick and dirty drip without the fancy behavioural triggers using something like Mailchimp. This makes sense if you’re already using Mandrill and Mailchimp for newsletters – saves you from having to use a completely different email software and spend your limited cash. If you got some cash, then, you can move into the grown up SaaS like MixPanel which offers integration to your website/mobile platform and delicious triggers like signed up 3 days ago and did not create X, this will really make your drip powerful and very relevant.

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4. Use language your customers understand

Speak in the language of your customer and use their words. B2B doesn’t always mean that you have to be boring and monotone. Make your drip come alive so that when they read it, they can actually relate to it and buy from you without being sold to. ProTip: use P.S. for login in to your account or another tidbit. People tend to read and respond to a P.S.

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5. Use discounts, promos, and other special deals sparingly in drips.

A drip is more or less evergreen content like: introduction, how to use, information about benefits/features, press links, and testimonials. You don’t want someone to get used to seeing a sale every time they see your email, you want to surprise them with relevant information.

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A/B testing is always necessary when starting something new, but do give it at least 6 weeks and 500 to 1000 emails before drawing any solid conclusions. Don’t be afraid to email your users to push them a long your funnel, a well written email in their tone of voice with helpful information will help them better their businesses, after all that’s what it’s all about! 

Jas Banwait

Guest Post Author

Jas Banwait

Jas Banwait is a serial entrepreneur and growth marketing expert, With a decade of startup experience and working with over 50 startups/founders in the past 3 years, Jas is well equipped to help you through the overwhelming process of growing your startup to success through proven marketing strategies and business automation systems.

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