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Why you should use Instagram as a customer service channel

Last modified on July 8, 2020 at 2:34 pm.

You know Instagram is no longer just about posting your holiday photos or memes, right? In fact, with the large number of active users and businesses operating on this social network, Instagram is the right place to use as a 24/7 customer support network. With one billion users active every day every successful business is using this social network more and more to reach out to their clients and customers. Who would have thought that Instagram might just be another word for support?

LiveAgent already supports Facebook and Twitter integration. And with this, we are proud to officially announce that LiveAgent is now one of the few support desk software that supports Instagram integration. 

Instagram was often overlooked as a network utilized as a customer care service. However, in recent years it’s becoming one of the primary means of communication between clients and customer care agents. The reason for this is simple. Customers love when their favorite brands answer them via social media, rather than different means of communication. It’s also more convenient for them.

How to use Instagram with LiveAgent effectively

Keep up with the flow

Instagram has plenty to offer when it comes to means of communication. It’s not that different when compared to Facebook (which is also needed if you want to use Instagram integration). Your business can get tagged, mentioned in stories or you can receive a direct message. Handling all of this might be a lot on your plate at times. That’s why LiveAgent handles all inquiries via a Ticket system. Every comment, mention, tag or a DM gets turned into a ticket that is neatly organized in your dashboard. From there, your agents can easily keep track of them and answer them instantly without even touching your smartphone or opening Instagram in your browser.

Speak your customer’s language

People communicate differently via various channels. Email, phone call or even live chat can sometimes be quite formal and communication via social media like Facebook or Instagram can get quite casual. In each case, a good customer support agent should be able to adjust their tone according to language the customer is using. That’s why it’s important to have your communication organized. And also why one of LiveAgent’s core features is Real-time typing view. This neat feature allows you to see what your customer is typing before they hit send. Thanks to this, your agents can prepare not just their tone but also surprise your customers with lightning-fast chat replies.

Your customers remember you and you should repay the courtesy

Instagram is not exactly top-notch when it comes to keeping your communication history. Sure, you can scroll back in your DMs or activities but unless you’re maintaining just a personal account, it can get frustrating and time-consuming. Let’s say a customer sends you a direct message regarding a past issue that has not been solved to their satisfaction. You scroll back in DMs and can’t find anything. So, you check your activities to see if there are any past mentions or comments. You finally find the issue and can begin solving it. How long did it take? A few minutes at least and your customer might be left frustrated and on a short fuse already. LiveAgent’s Chat History allows you to quickly access all of your past tickets and quickly find what you’re searching for. That way, you can always surprise your customers with your knowledge of their past inquiries and build their trust.

How to connect your Instagram with LiveAgent

  1. After logging in to your LiveAgent account, go to configuration.
  2. In the left panel, you can see Instagram as an option right next to other social media.
  3. Select Connect to Instagram and set up your account.
  4. That’s it, you’re ready to roll.

Multiple account management

Don’t worry if you have to manage multiple accounts, we’ve got you covered and everything is sorted as it should be, no more confusion. Just connect your second account and keep an eye on the dashboard for new tickets from both accounts at the same time. 

Your accounts are always secure and you don’t have to give your agents log in details. Just allow them access via LiveAgent. That way, they can take care of your customers without you needing to worry about them gaining access to sensitive information. 

Ready to influence your audience with the best customer service? Check out our flexible pricing models or try it out for free today! 

“I first tried out Zendesk but after hours of configuration and understanding the price model i realized that it was not for me. Instead, I started using LiveAgent and must say I’m so far very satisfied. The system got exactly the right amount of configuration that I want and I have not yet found something that is not possible to do. The support itself is great and usually answers your questions in a couple of minutes.”  – Erik TrustPilot

Why you should use Instagram as a customer service channel

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