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What are the causes of poor customer service?

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Last modified on February 25, 2021 at 6:16 pm

what are the causes of poor customer service

No company wants unsatisfied customers, but why so many people’ve already had a bad experience with customer service? Many times companies’ managers don’t see deeply into these problems. We’re going to summarize for you the main causes of poor customer service:

No one available to help – not having enough workers for customer service is one of the immense problems
Imagine waiting for a solution longer than few minutes, can not connect to customer representative… Would you get mad?

Not trained people – employees should be fully informed about the products and services they sell
Explaining your problem to multiple people is not the most pleasant task. The less employees involved, the happier the customer.

Not pleasant representative – sometimes everybody has a bad day for millions of reasons, but a simple bad day for an employee can ruin service for a customer
Avoid this and hire nice and friendly people.

Not a fast fix – customer service staff should act on problems quickly

No more options to contact support staff – having just one option (phone, email) isn’t enough
Make customers feel comfortable by providing them a wide variety of contact options (phone, email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, forum, fax, office).

No thankfulness – show thankfulness to your customers, thank them every time you get a call from them, send them a personalized thank you note, ask them about their needs

Do you know what are your CS weaknesses and strengths?

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Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Head of Marketing

I am currently managing marketing efforts here at LiveAgent. I love SaaS products and according to my colleagues I am using too many browser extensions. Outside of my computer I play chess and drink too much coffee.

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