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featured image achieve productivity with help desk software
Help Desk

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on July 23, 2021 at 4:13 pm

Productivity is something that should not be ignored by any business. In reality, remarkable productivity across the spectrum has been observed to be a critical element to the growth of the business.

Higher productivity can help you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Higher Profitability
  • Employee Welfare
  • Higher Returns to Stakeholders
  • Better Relationships between Management and Employees
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher credit Rating
  • Corporate Image
  • Better Terms for Suppliers
  • Less Employee Turnover

Therefore, one of the best things that you can do to make your business better is to increase your and your team’s productivity.

Technology is increasing rapidly and is making the life of the users more comfortable day by day. There are apps that can do everything like you can send messages in an instant using emails and Whatsapp, you can make a full to-do day list by using to-do app and adding reminders, you can manage the whole workflow of your organization using project management or work management software. The thing is that we have an app or software for almost everything, but still there are many possibilities of improving the technology that we have.

According to Develux, this is when the project scope of automation walked into the scene and made our life and work easy. We have apps and software to do many things, but the idea is many times we have to do many things ourselves, and to improve this situation, we can use automation or productivity software.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you are into the mobile repairing business and you get leads from different sites like IndiaMart and similar ones and also via direct calls. Now you may have someone to take all the leads, someone that will go to the address to pick up the mobile and bring it to you, someone to repair the mobile, so how will you manage the process?

First, the person that takes all the leads will login to IndiaMart and they will see all the leads. Then, if you use some project management app, they will create the task according to the project roadmap and will assign it to the pick-up boy, and then he will go to pick the mobile, and then he will give the mobile to the engineer and will assign the task to him. But do you really think that there should be a person to take all the leads and create tasks?

Well, why have an employee to do the repetitive task of taking the leads and creating the task when the computer can do it? This is like having a person to do the plus and minus when you have a calculator.

This is the reason why the world was taken by a force when app orchestration solution IFTTT was launched, and over one million tasks were created in just seven months. It allowed the users to automate anything that you can think of and thus was a huge time-saver.

This way, apps like Zapier and Integromat can help you by fetching the leads from sites like IndiaMart and can create the task and assign it to the pick-up boy. Well, in fact, these software can automate every process according to your project baseline.

The world is loving these software and many people are using them for millions of processes. And one software that is making the core activity of the business that is handling customers is help desk software. To get excellent results make sure that you use the best help desk software.

What is a help desk software?

Help desk software or a help desk tool is a tool that can help you by making your customer-care service efficient and enterprising. It will enable your customer care operators to keep track of user requests and deal with other customer care issues.

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

How does help desk software work?

  1. A user comes to your website, and they will submit a ticket to the web-based and help desk software app either by using the web interface or by sending a mail to the help desk monitored mailbox.
  2. As soon as the user submits the ticket, the help desk software will notify the team that a new ticket has been created by email or by push notification on their mobile phones.
  3. Using the help desk software, someone from the team will assign the ticket to themselves, and when they do so, all the members will be notified that the ticket has been taken.
  4. The member and the user interact by:
    • Posting replies and updates on the ticket
    • Attaching files
    • Adding other people to the ticket
  5. The member will close the ticket as soon as the issue is solved.
  6. The ticket can also be posted to the knowledge base for future reference purposes.

Therefore, help desk software is the modern twist for customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the pillar on which your business stands and you should take all the measures that are available to ensure that your customers are satisfied and they have the best experience when they interact with your business.

This will help you in boosting customer engagement.

Why should you care about customer engagement?

Customer engagement refers to the emotional connection between a customer and the business. But businesses tend to ignore this and what they want is just getting leads and converting them. It is extremely hard to convert a lead into a customer without proper engagement and if you are lucky enough to do so, they will never become loyal clients to you.

The power of a loyal client is extreme. They don’t just buy your goods, they refer you to their friends and family and if someone is suggested to buy or try something by their friends or family, they are more likely to buy the product. You will get a free influencer just by engaging with your customers properly.

The only thing that is essential for you to get the benefit of a loyal customer is that you have to provide a high-quality customer experience.

Gallup research shows that a fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. Therefore if you don’t have the proper customer engagement in your project execution of customer management, you are missing a big opportunity and you should include it immediately.

Moreover, the main thing in today’s time for customers is the service that they get. People are willing to pay almost 50% more for better service. You have to strengthen your customer satisfaction game or else you will have to face a severe problem known as customer churn, and my friend, believe me, you never want to face this problem.

For today’s blog, we will focus on one service that can help you in strengthening your customer satisfaction. Here are some tips about the same.

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

1.   Focus on one ticket at a time

We love to think that we can focus on multiple things at a time but it is more a myth.

Believing that you can do more work if you do multitasking is just like believing that you should be a good child if you want Santa Claus to give you a gift on Christmas, you know what I mean.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, multitasking is impossible and you should probably stop trying to do it. Multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and a 10% drop in IQ.

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

A task needs your focus and skills to be completed, and when you are doing more than one task at a time, you are focusing on none of the tasks. When a task is done with 100% focus, it can be completed far faster than when you try to multitask.

While multitasking, you are doing nothing other than just quickly shifting between incomplete tasks.

Delete the word multitasking from your dictionary and just focus on one task at a time. Focus on one ticket on your help desk tool and make sure that everyone is handling only one ticket at a time on your help desk software.

2.   Create accountability

Using a help desk software in such a way that accountability is created is important as this is the only way to solve all the problems effectively.

If you leave the work to the team without creating an accountability structure you will see that:

  • there would be no work is done properly,
  • the team would be working without a proper brief,
  • there would be a lack in focus,
  • it could be possible that there are no clear objectives due to not having a proper description,
  • the work can get stuck when any risk or problem arises.

As there is no accountability, everyone will think that the next team member will handle this and in the end, no one will handle the task. This is why it is very important to assign tickets and let the person take another ticket only when they have solved the issue of the first ticket. Use the best help desk software or help desk tool to ensure this is done correctly. Include this in your project scheduling to have a successful execution.

3.   Use email and app notifications

Customers want to get their problem solved as soon as it arises. If you are able to do so, you will come in their good books and this can turn them into loyal customers.

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

As soon as a customer books a ticket using your help desk tool, every second matters and thus you should try to reach the customer ASAP. But for that, you need to receive a notification of the ticket as soon as the customer books it and therefore you should use personalized email notifications or you should download the app to receive notifications on your mobile phones. For this you should ensure that you choose the best help desk software.

4.   Automation

Why should one get an alert of a ticket with which they are not at all concerned?

Why should the sales team receive a notification when the ticket is related to after-sales service or some issue?

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

This thing will only result in filling up your inbox and will have a bad effect on your employee’s productivity. This will become an unnecessary false alarm for them and will trigger them in a bad way. It is possible that they will become lenient about the same and they will ignore the message by thinking that this must be a message for another department. Do you like it when your phone keeps on vibrating unnecessarily?

Automation using help desk software can solve this issue. You just have to create an automation that will file the incoming tickets to the right team’s help desk tool’s inbox. You can also add other automation like prioritizing the tickets, assigning it to the right member, etc. This can be very helpful for your team members and can save hours of their time and energy.

5.   Set your help desk software to auto-pilot mode

It is necessary for you to be available all the time to solve their queries, but the same doesn’t go to the customers. Suppose a customer has booked a ticket and as you reply, they are not replying, what will you do?

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

You have to solve their query, but if they are not replying what can you do, you can either spend the rest of your time running through the pending tickets or you can send an email reminder to the customer that they haven’t get back to you by the end of the day, automatically. I think the second option is better. You can easily set this using help desk software.

There are so many possibilities if you get your hands on using simple help desk software. Like auto-closing solved tickets and so many more features.

6.   Have responses stored

Top 6 tips to achieve productivity with help desk software

There are some frequently asked questions and typing to reply to them can be boring and will waste your precious time. Make a list of all the questions that you frequently encounter and save the answers in your help desk tool. If you want to boost your productivity using a help desk software make sure that you choose the best help desk software. This will enable you to solve tickets by just a single click. Your workflow will be faster than it ever was.


Following these tricks will help in achieving productivity with help desk software. But, if you wish to have the best results, you should choose the besthelp desk software or help desk tool to ensure that you get all the features and you have the best solution.

Use automation to speed up your workflow

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Shyamal is the Founder of SmartTask, an online work management tool that's helping teams be more productive by having clarity on who's doing what by when. Has a penchant for researching and sharing strategies that could benefit a team's productivity.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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