Top 50 Customer Service Articles of 2018

Customer service was extremely underestimated part of the business back in the old days, when the internet was just evolving. It’s true that it still keeps evolving, however, certain signs keep popping up.

When businesses started to move from offline world into the online one, they’ve used fundamentals of marketing, such as target audiences, branding, public relations or building customer relationships to craft their marketing strategy. Only with the matter of technology improvements, other areas of marketing started to stand out such as automation, chat bots or artificial intelligence.

However, with the growth of these tactics, the “human part” of communication dramatically decreased. So, it took more than 20 years for businesses operating online, that technology will never replace personal contact. Some people prefer to find information on their own, some of them prefer to contact business via live chat software or via call center for quickest answer. But in the end, they should have an option.

In the following curated list of the resources from customer service industry we tried to put together the most valuable pieces that could help you design your best customer support department possible. It doesn’t matter that you could lack the resources, since with LiveAgent, everyone from solopreneur or freelancer is able to make full use of streamlined communication gathered in 1 place. Here are the top resources of 2018:

Help Desk

1. Important Features to Look For In a Help Desk Software by Realtytimes – Samantha Brown2. 5 Reasons Why Use Help Desk Software On Your Website by LiveAgent – David Cacik3. Help Desk Portal vs. Email: Which Serves Your Customers Better? by Capterra – Cathy Reisenwitz4. Three Steps To Develop A Holistic Help Desk Optimization Strategy by Teamviewer – Ashley Spencer5. What Do You Need to Do to Make Your Service Desk More Efficient? by SunView – Jaime Spector

Call Center

6. Most Important Call Center Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 by CEO World – JT Ripton7. How to Build Call Center Software That Allows any Business to Flourish by RubyGarage – Anastasia Z.8. 8 Must-Read Call Center Books by Capterra – Cathy Reisenwitz9. The Essential Tech for Outbound Call Center Management by Capterra – Cathy Reisenwitz10. Working in a Call Center: Everything You Need to Know by Hubspot – Neha Saboo

Live Chat

11. 6 Reasons To Use Live Chat Support Software by StartupDigest – JT Ripton12. How Using Live Chat Software Can Drive Your Dealerships Sales by DrivingSales – JT Ripton13. Why Small Businesses Should Use Live Chat on Their Site by HomeBusinessMag – JT Ripton14. ​6 Ways Live Chat Can Increase Online Sales by Equities – JT Ripton15. 7 Reasons Why Live Chat is a Must for Your Customer Support Strategy by Emerchantbroker – JT Ripton16.  Why Live Chat Software Will Be Beneficial For Any Business? by ActiveRain – Samantha Brown17. How to Integrate a Chat Support System Into Your Lead Generation Strategy by LiveAgent – Mike Kamo18. 5 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Business Website by LiveAgent – David Cacik

Customer Engagement

19. 5 Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement by Startupgrind – Tommy Wyher20. Why Conversational Commerce Is Crucial For Your Business by Social Media Explorer – JT Ripton21. How to make your ecommerce store look more reliable by Techradar – JT Ripton22. Increasing Customer Engagement: Five Tactics to Use by Readwrite – JT Ripton23. How To Make Your ECommerce Store Look Trustworthy by The Self Emplyed – Richard Parker24. 5 Ways You Can Use Data to Increase Customer Engagement Online by Seagate – JT Ripton25. What Is Conversational Commerce, and How Can It Boost Sales? by Project Manager – JT Ripton26. 5 Ways to Embrace Data to Engage Customers by Datafloq – JT Ripton27. How To Increase Customer Engagement On Your Site by TGdaily – Jimmy Pham28. Digital Customer Engagement – What It Is And Why You Need It by Callvu – Callvu29. The Three Games of Customer Engagement Strategy by Amplitude – Sandhya Hegde

Customer Service

30. 18 myths about customer satisfaction by MyCustomer – Rohit Prasanna31. Why You Need Customer Service Processes, and How to Get Started Now by Process Street – Benjamin Brandall32. Top 5 Trends in Customer Service Innovation (Article is no longer live) by Manta – JT Ripton33. 7 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Small Business by Cisco – Marc Nagao34. Why Customer Retention Should Be Your Primary Focus by HelloBar – Mary Shulzhenko35. Key Trends to Follow in the World of Customer Centricity by Payoneer – Leona Henryson36. 5 Customer Service Mistakes Your Company Might be Making by Hubspot – JT Ripton37. 5 ways your business is screwing up customer service by Denverpost – JT Ripton38. 7 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty For Your Small Business by Snapretail – JT Ripton39. Brands elevating customer service efforts via technological advancement by BizTech40. 5 Customer Service Skills That Will Make You Stand Out by LiveAgent – Marina Shulzhenko41. 8 Ways to Use Customer Insights to Grow Your Business by LiveAgent – Fiona Adler42. How To Write a Thank You Letter That Your Customers Will Appreciate by LiveAgent43. Respond to a Customer’s Question When You Don’t Know the Answer by LiveAgent – Evie Cooper44. How to Ask Your Customers Questions to Get Feedback by LiveAgent – Lucy Benton45. What the marketing team can learn from the customer service department? by LiveAgent – Evie Harrison46. How Customers Expect To Be Spoken To & Why That Is by LiveAgent – Victoria Greene47. How to Improve Customer Retention with a Solid Onboarding Process by LiveAgent – Benjamin Brandal48. Why You Should Make Customer Support a Part of Your SEO Campaign by LiveAgent – Chris Hickman49. 9 Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service by The Balance SMB – Alyssa Gregory50. Mid-Year Checkpoint: Three Customer Experience Strategies to Implement Now by Cisco – Scott Brown

If you have managed to read & check all of the listed articles, we truly believe you can improve the way you communicate with your audience, either directly of indirectly. If you would have few seconds, we would be very interested to hear what are the key ideas that came through your mind reading them and what are your favorite pieces that we have listed here. Let us know in comments!

Top 50 Customer Service Articles of 2018

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