TOP 25 Marketing Influencers of 2018

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on April 12, 2021 at 9:31 am

The year 2018 is already halfway through, which means it’s the best time to introduce the top 30 influencers of this year. A brand without a good marketing guru is just a brand. But if you come across a top marketer like one of these, you don’t have to worry that no one will see you. Marketing in today’s digital age is something that pays back, so it’s good to invest some effort. Get inspired by the following marketers that are among the elite, or beginners that seems to be great.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 1,75m

Instagram – 3,3m

Facebook – 2,8m

Gary Vaynerchuck is an American entrepreneur, author of four New York Times bestsellers, speaker, and internet personality. He started to be known because of his family wine trade business. Vaynerchuk is currently known primarily as a pioneer of digital marketing and social media. Now, he is a leader of his own companies – VaynerX and VaynerMedia.

Gary invests in innovations and also advises companies such as Uber, Birchbox, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. He regularly appears as the main speaker at global conferences on entrepreneurship and technology.

2. Guy Kawasaki

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 1,5m

Instagram – 69,1k

Facebook – 431k

Guy Kawasaki is a specialist in the field of new technologies and marketing. He moved the concept of “evangelizing” to technological businesses, with the idea of attracting and targeting users linked to the Apple market. In a few difficult years for the company founded by Steve Jobs, his work was internationally recognized. He is the author of a few books as well as the book called The Art of Social Medias. He Graduated from Stanford University.

3. Murray Newlands

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 1,76m

Instagram – 98,4k

Facebook – 66,9k

Murray, well known as an entrepreneur, business advisor, investor and a good speaker, is a founder of a company that innovates chatbots – ChattyPeople.  Newland advises companies during the beginning phase, and also full grown companies that need help with a growth strategy. He also runs an agency – Influence People, oriented on a PR – wrote a book – How to get PR for your startup: Traction. That’s not the only book he has written – there are others, with the main focus on online marketing, content marketing and marketing growth strategies.

4. Larry Kim

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 795k

Instagram – 48,5k

Facebook – 21k

Larry Kim is a Ceo at WordStream, that he also founded in 2007. WordStream is a company for online advertising, that provides consulting services. WordStream is a multi-million-dollar company with over 2,000 customers across the globe.

Larry Kim is a PPC expert of the years 2015, 2014 and 2013 according to Hero Blog. He won many awards for his marketing influence, such as the Small Business Influencer Award, Search Marketer of the Year Award, and a most influential Search Engine Marketer of 2014.

5. Mari Smith

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 602k

Instagram – 28,5k

Facebook – 209k

The first woman, and number five in our directory, is Mari Smith. Mari is an expert in Facebook marketing and social media leader. She is often named as the Queen of Facebook. She was named by the IBM as one of  7 women who are shaping digital marketing. Awarded by Forbes as one of the top 10 social media power influencers.

6. Jeff Bullas

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 567k

Instagram – 17,9k

Facebook – 99,5k

A specialist in content marketing, Jeff has built his business from nothing, only through the use of content marketing. Now he is giving his advice on his blog Previously named as one of the top influencers of CMO’s, because of this blog, Jeff is a blogger, an author, marketer and speaker. He says that in these days, it’s mostly entrepreneurship that keeps him going.

7. Kim Garst

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 515k

Instagram – 68,4k

Facebook – 399k

When asked about herself, Kim claims she can help entrepreneurs start and build a profitable business. She is internationally recognized as a leader in the social media space and Forbes even named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers.  Kim is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Boom!

8. Ann Handley

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 435k

Instagram – 12,2k

Facebook – 6k

This inspirational woman, Ann Handley, is a digital marketing specialist and writer. She also just happens to be a Wall Street Journal best-selling author who focuses on empowering people to do marketing that your traffic will adore.

9. Rand Fishkin

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 411k

Instagram – 2,8k

Facebook – 26,7k

What you haven’t heard of Rand? Were you living under a rock? This man is one of the founders of MOZ. But you know MOZ, right? There you go! Rand founded Moz as a blog, which eventually turned into a company every SEO marketer knows well. He left MOZ earlier this year to create something new – SparkToro – a software company for discovering your target audience.

10. Pam Moore

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 294k

Instagram – 4,5k

Facebook – 2k

Pam is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Nutz, she is also a speaker and consultant. Pam Moore is the host of the podcast Social Media Zoom Factor and an expert in digital marketing, social media, and SEO. Pam was recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Influencer.

11. Michael Hyatt

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 295k

Instagram – 53k

Facebook – 289k

Your Leadership Mentor. As almost every influencer listed above, Michael Hyatt is a blogger, speaker and the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Now Hyatt is a full time speaker and writer – with 7 written books and counting. Awarded as a NY Times Bestsellers Author and Wall Street Journal Best Seller. If you are keen on podcasts, Michael has his own show – This is your life, that is dedicated to leadership.

12. Neil Patel

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 295k

Instagram – 1,8k

Facebook – 924k

According to Forbes, Neil belongs to the group of top 10 marketers in the world. As his life went, he needed to learn marketing on his own – then he co-founded an agency for doing marketing for other companies. They decided not to focus on growing their own company, but on growing their clients’ companies. This is how they become an empire.

13. Jay Baer

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 267k

Instagram – 12,6k

Facebook – 93,1k

Digital marketing & online customer service expert. NYT best-selling author, speaker and consultant. Jay runs Convince & Convert, which provides digital marketing advice to some of the world’s most important brands like The United Nations, Allstate, and Cisco. Jay helped around 700 brands to help grow their marketing strategies.

14. Darren Rowse

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 247k

Instagram – 19,2k

Facebook – 94,3k

Darren is the founder of ProBlogger, ProbloggerEvent, & DigitalPS. He is an ambassador for World Vision Australia. While ProBlogger is his most well-known blog, it isn’t his biggest. That title belongs to – a blog and community site for photographers.

15. Michael Stelzner

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 177k

Mike is the founder of Social Media Examiner, host of podcast Social Media Marketing, and author of Launch & Writing White Papers

16. Mark Schaefer

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 176k

Instagram – 6,5k

Facebook – 2,5k

Mark is a social media speaker and consultant, as well as an author of five bestselling marketing books. Host of the Marketing Companion podcast, Mark also blogs. He has worked in global sales, PR, and in marketing positions for 30 years, and now provides consulting services as the Executive Director of U.S.-based Schaefer Marketing Solutions.

17. John Jantsch

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 116k

Instagram – 5,6k

Facebook – 31k

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker, and bestselling author of titles such as Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, The Referral Engine, and SEO for Growth. His most recent book is SEO for Growth – The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers, and Entrepreneurs.

18. Lee Odden

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 107k

Instagram – 3,3k

Facebook – 47k

Lee is a digital marketing strategist and CEO at TopRank Marketing, which is B2B oriented marketing agency. Specialist in content marketing, conversion optimization, social media, etc.  Lee is also an author, speaker, and consultant

19. Michael Brenner

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 99,7k

Instagram – 3,3k

Facebook – 1,6k

Michael is CEO of Marketing Insider Group, a content marketing consultant, marketing speaker, and writer. Has been recognized as top business speaker by The Huffington post and more – CMO influencer by Forbes. Michael specializes in leadership, employee engagement and content.

20. Christopher Penn

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 99,5k

Facebook – 1k

Christopher is a specialist in marketing technology and digital marketing, bestselling author, and keynote speaker. He is keen on email marketing, PR, data-driven marketing and google analytics. Co-founder at BrainTrust Insights and Co-host at Marketing over Coffee.

21. Sujan Patel

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 55,5k

Instagram – 623

Facebook – 1,5k

Sujan Patel is a co-founder of  Web Profits, which is a marketing agency. Sujan is specialist on growth and content marketing. Over 13 years in this sphere, he led marketing strategies of SalesForce, LinkedIn, Zillow and 500 more.

22. Asif Khan

Twitter – 35,3k

Specialist on On-site SEO, off-site SEO, keyword research, content marketing and helping companies to achieve their goals by creating marketing strategies with a focus on SEO.

23. Andy Crestodina

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 26,8k

Instagram – 1k

Almost 20 years, that’s how long is Andy working as a marketing specialist, focused on web design and interactive marketing space. Andy is also a great speaker and co-founder of He believes in ethical digital marketing.

24. Joe Chernov

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 25,5k

Joe previously worked as a marketing specialist at HubSpot. Joe was awarded by the Content Marketing Institute as a Content Marketer of the Year. Joe advises several marketing tech startups.

25. David Beebe

TOP 25 marketing influencers of 2018

Twitter – 24,7k

Instagram – 12,3k

David is well known for his passion for content marketing, marketing itself and keynote speaker. Founder of Marriott Intl. and Emmy winning producer.

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