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Top 10 customer service posts from March 2017

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

March 30, 2017
Last modified on January 11, 2022 at 12:57 pm

Check out our list of the 10 best customer service articles written in March. Our monthly selection comes to you once again, with the freshest tips for customer service. Enjoy!

1. 5 necessities of an effective closed-loop customer feedback program

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you’re familiar with the idea of gathering continuous customer feedback. But it’s important to note the changing environment for how that feedback is handled.

2. Radical customer service: A contrarian view for winning the customer wars

When it comes to customer service principles, use of social media, and customer engagement, it’s easy to follow the crowd. There are a lot of people out there saying the same things and providing the same guidelines.

3. 5 new rules to winning the customer loyalty game in the digital age

Approach to creating customer loyalty has had a particular formula and countenance. It looked like a mix of good advertising, good values, and good product. And though that formula is still important, there are other considerations that businesses can’t afford to neglect.

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4. How does a customer-focused CEO make decisions?

CEOs are often the major decision-maker within an organization, it’s important to understand the decision-making styles of customer-focused CEOs. Because the C-Suite as a whole tends to make dozens (if not hundreds) of decisions in a given week, having an understanding on what specific decision-making styles make for leaders with a stronger customer focus is going to be helpful as you grow your own business.

5. Here’s a smarter use for social media

Social media has opened up vast new ways for companies to get to know their customers—what they like, what they hate and where they shop. But anyone with a Twitter handle knows that social networks are littered with inane noise.

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6. Top 10 Customer Service And Experience Conferences Of 2017

You should definitely check out this list of Top customer service and customer experience conferences those are going to happen in 2017.

7. Surprisingly easy: The path to customer loyalty

People love things to be easy. They want everything to be easy. From little decisions like which toothpaste to buy to big decisions like which index fund to invest in, they want to take the easy path to a sound decision.

8. No more nonpologies: Apologize to customers like you mean it

Sometimes, when things go wrong, when you are to blame for a problem, or when a customer is rightfully aggrieved, all you can offer is an apology, so you really must learn to do it right. Here are three tips for writing a heartfelt apology to a customer.

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9. Want to build customer loyalty? Smartphones are the secret weapon

Loyalty is increasingly at the forefront of marketers’ minds, with the majority of them saying they will allocate more of their budgets to customer loyalty in 2017, according to eMarketer. This is a welcome development, and brands should make the most of this reallocation by prioritizing mobile.

10. As social media evolves, travellers demand joined-up customer service

The emergence of “social care” is one of the greatest evolutions for customer service in the history of travel. The inevitable invasion of social networks by brands created a brand-new expectation that they will be available to customers at any time.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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