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Should your company use helpdesk software?

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

March 12, 2015
Last modified on January 4, 2022 at 3:25 pm

Helpdesk software today, has many functions. It can be used to manage the internal resources of a company, manage relationships with external customers and for various other tasks to improve customer service. Below is some analysis over the usage and benefits of help desk software.

Majority operate on-premise help desk software

A significant decision that software buyers have to make is about the deployment model. There is a choice between installing the system on local servers which is called “on-premise” deployment or go for “cloud-based” deployment sometimes also known as “Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)” wherein a vendor is responsible for hosting the software that can be accessed through the internet.

Although, traditionally the software used to be deployed on-premise, recently there has been a growth in cloud-based deployment as well. This is because of the major long-term cost-savings capability that can be achieved if software is deployed on the cloud. Also, the software is managed by a third party in terms of service, maintenance and updates which makes it very easy to operate the software on the cloud.

Deployment models (software advice research)

software advice research graph

However, as can be seen from the graph, despite the fact that cloud-based deployment has got more benefits, 68% of the respondents were found to go with on-premise deployment. Only 31 percent were using cloud-based deployment among which 18% had the software operated by a third-party vendor while the rest 13% hosted the software on personal off-site servers that were leased from third parties.

These findings were compatible with a 2014 Gartner report stating that there was a “strong demand” for cloud-based systems in the midst of a huge CRM market contributing over 41% of the total CRM software revenue as of 2013. The report also said that the reason for such a high demand for cloud-based computing is due to the organizations, of all sizes, trying to figure out ways of using software that are convenient to deploy so as to replace the legacy systems and want to execute new applications or simply desire an alternative added functionality.

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As seen above, more than two-thirds of the people surveyed use on-premise help desk software, however, there is more to be known. It might be more worthwhile to know the reasons behind the users preferring one deployment method over another.

Top reasons for choosing cloud deployment

reasons for choosing cloud deployment graph

The reasons for buying cloud-based deployment are illustrated in the above pie chart. The motivation behind choosing cloud-based deployment is lower long-term costs as cited by 18% of the respondents. 15 percent said that they used it because of low upfront costs. On the other hand, 13% of the respondents said that cloud-based deployment is high on security; other 13% said that it has a better remote access and the other 13% told that it is the only alternative where on-premise option is not available. 30% of the respondents had various other reasons.

The 2014 Garner report also has something to say on these statistics. Although 44 percent of the respondents said that lower cost was the primary motivator to use cloud-based deployment over on-premise deployment, the motivation to use a specific is also determined by the position that a person holds in a company. People in junior IT roles told that the motivator for them was low costs. However, those in the top management team such as the IT directors voted for cloud-based deployment as it is a modern approach, innovative and offers operational agility. The senior IT leaders, on the other hand, told that the cloud-based deployment offered business advantage.

It is also quite interesting that the motivator “stronger security” is a feature that is present in both deployment models while those who use cloud-based deployment rated this benefit higher than that in on-premise deployment. This view is against the clichéd view that on-premise models offer more security. The explanation is given in a survey carried out by cloud services management firm named RighScale.

Experience level of companies that say cloud security is “significant challenge”

RightScale’s Cloud Computing Trends
Source: RightScale’s Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud survey. Adapted and used under CC BY 4.0

The survey suggested results that are given above in the chart. The chart suggests that as a company attains more experience with cloud-based software, security does not pose a big challenge for them. As such, in 2014, 38% of the companies with no experience with the cloud said that security is a challenge while companies with some experience only had 27% of them who said security is a challenge and only 18% of the companies with a lot of cloud experience said that security is a challenge.

Impact of help desk software on department performance

Impact of help desk software on department performance

The above graph shows various performance indicators that have been affected positively due to help desk software. Respondents said that the area that the help desk software has improved significantly is the time required to solve problems. The second most impacted areas include first-contact resolution and support staff productivity.

As seen above, helpdesk software has got a lot of uses and its market is expanding rapidly as the business models become more complex and technology oriented. However, for those who buy the helpdesk software for the first time should be careful in what they choose as various considerations have to be made to find a software package that best suits the business needs.

Survey source: Software Advice, an online firm that reviews Help Desk software.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

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