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Short & sweet guide to satisfy US consumers. For good.

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Last modified on October 30, 2020 at 9:44 am

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Nine in ten Americans claim their service expectations are not met. Such rate of dissatisfaction is a real killer. The pressure customers put on US companies is extremely strong. But thanks to this pressure, US based services are amongst the best in the world.

Americans punish companies for not meeting their expectations, The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer study says. Half of them will not shop at a company that disappointed them in the future.

What do Americans complain about?

  1. A third complained about rude and insensitive customer services staff.
  2. A quarter was irritated about being led on without their issue getting resolved.
  3. Every 10th customer was unhappy with having to wait too long for a complaint resolution. 
  4. Having to continuously follow up on their issue was another reason.

These points are not hard to solve either. How can you make American consumers happier? Reading these couple of articles is a good start:

P.S: It’s worth it: Americans are willing to spend 21% extra if happy with the company’s service.

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Head of Marketing

I am currently managing marketing efforts here at LiveAgent. I love SaaS products and according to my colleagues I am using too many browser extensions. Outside of my computer I play chess and drink too much coffee.

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