Reports give you an per activity overview of your help desk

Reports is a really strong tool for getting more insight into the operations of your support desk. With Reports you can easily monitor the activity of your support team and effectively plan your HR needs.

Reports allows you to see all the importnant analytical insights. Live Agent collects various data points for statistic purposes so that you can for example get the activity (in hours, tickets, phone calls…) of your support desk. This data insight helps you to decide where to focus your efforts. With the graph view you can easily read out how many chats, e-mails, calls your support team needs to tackle every month/week/day. With this data you can better plan your agent usage and load during the week.

Reports allow you to monitor your agents too. You can see how effective they are and compare their performance to each other and to their previous results.So now, if an agent has a really low response rate and a lot of punishments, you know where exactly to put your efforts and train this agent. This feature is particulary beneficial for helpdesk managers that  want to check the effectivity of their customer support and improve it as much as possible.

Do you want to reward your best agents? Just by viewing the statistics you can determine how many hours each agent spent working on your help desk and how helpful he was to your customers.

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I hope that this tip was useful for you.

Reports give you an per activity overview of your help desk

Nikoleta Vajdova

Content Manager

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