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New SEO tools you likely haven’t heard of yet

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

February 27, 2018
Last modified on January 4, 2022 at 2:48 pm

In this day and age, there are more new SEO tools than you could shake a stick at, but even some of the most popular tools aren’t particularly useful. In fact, many of these newer but less popular tools are far superior, giving you a much more comprehensive toolset and often for a compelling price.

These five tools, in particular, aren’t ubiquitous, but if they continue to innovate and offer the same level of service, then they will quickly become some of the most popular options on the market.

1. SERPWoo

SERPWoo was developed by Jason Brown and his co-founder, both famous and successful internet marketers because they needed a tool that could solve their problems. They saw an issue, the inability to monitor the SERP’s and how sites moved around, in an efficient and useful method.

While there are hundreds of different rank tracking SEO tools available, SERPWoo is far more than this. It gives you the ability to see a detailed breakdown of how sites have shifted over time using a line chart.

This chart gives you far more information, you can see competitors jumping up the rankings trying to steal your spots, but perhaps even better you can understand trends and get more data.

For example; if people begin to complain about penalties or algorithm changes you can quickly look in your niche for similar patterns. Then, once you have spotted the trend, you can see granular details of those sites in SERPWoo to identify the cause of the movement.

If you’re going to compete in SEO in the long term, then it’s vital that you have as much data as possible and SERPWoo is a great option.

As well as this original feature, they’ve also added a plethora of other features and tools to their suite. In particular, the keyword research tool is a fan favorite because the way it operates is vastly different to most keyword tools.

Most merely query the Google keyword database and show you related terms to the seed word that you input. But what SERPWoo does is to find sites ranking for keywords related to your seed word and then also lists the other keywords that these top-ranking sites are also ranked for.

By doing it this way, you can get a much broader and more useful list of keywords that aren’t just related semantically to your seed term but are also being ranked for by your competitors.

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2. SE Ranking

This all-in-one SEO tool has been on the market for a long time, but it came into our hands quite recently. SE Ranking contains all the necessary SEO tools and is great for agencies, SEO specialists, SMBs, and enterprises. Below are some of the SE Ranking features and reasons why you need to consider using this tool:

  • Rank tracker. Accurately checks your and your competitors’ website positions at any time.
  • Website audit. Provides a detailed report with errors and suggestions of your project. 
  • Competitive research. A big competitor analysis tool that helps you to spy on your rival websites: research their keyword, link, ads strategies, and much more.
  • Backlink checking and monitoring tool. These two tools allow you to do all-rounded backlink analysis and keep an eye on your backlink profile. Check links against all-important SEO parameters, create a disavow list, track what links have been removed.


SEOCrawler is another SEO tool that is quickly gaining popularity because of its comprehensive suite of new SEO tools, reducing the necessity for any digital marketer to pay for multiple subscriptions. Instead, SEOCrawler offers a vast array of tools from keyword research through to on-page optimization and link identification.

They are trusted by over 5,000 businesses including digital marketing directors and CEO’s. This stamp of approval tells you everything that you need to know, digital marketing experts trust SEOCrawler to help them rank their sites higher in Google and to optimize their conversion rate, you should too.

Just one of their many tools is the Brand Monitor feature which will alert you whenever your brand or name is mentioned on a website. This function is vital for any business because it gives you more time to prepare a response and to deal with any PR problems.

In the past few years alone we have all seen PR issues destroy entire companies and the key to avoiding this fate is to be aware of any and all brand mentions so that you can deal with them before they grow.

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4. MailShake

For those SEO’s who spend a significant proportion of their time doing email outreach in an attempt to get powerful backlinks, MailShake is a lifesaver. While there are similar tools in the form of PitchBox and BuzzStream, MailShake is an incredibly affordable version that is ideal for those marketers doing things on a more significant scale.

While PitchBox is excellent for mass outreach it’s costly, MailShake is only $19 per month, and there is no extra charge for sending a large number of emails. This price point makes it ideal for smaller companies and also freelance SEO’s who work on behalf of their clients.

Similarly, BuzzStream is an excellent choice for slow and laborious outreach, but it’s not ideal for when you are sending hundreds of emails each day. In this case, MailShake is far superior because it allows you to do mild customization and manage thousands of emails each week.

But more than anything the reason why MailShake is so fantastic is that it links directly to your Google Drive so that you can mass outreach to people from spreadsheets. This integration makes linkbuilding a breeze for smaller firms who are using virtual assistants to insert site data directly into spreadsheets.

5. Seobility

Seobility was designed for on-page optimization, helping you to troubleshoot your on-page issues as quickly as possible. Back in the day, you would have to manually go through and ensure that you haven’t missed anything, with Seobility you can do hours of work with just the press of a button.

The software will crawl through your website, following internal and external links, checking for both simple and advanced errors which can improve your site. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t only spot simple mistakes, it also notices more advanced problems which many software do not.

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6. Citation Labs

Citation Labs by Garrett French isn’t particularly new, but they are continually releasing new tools which are fantastic. One of their most popular features is the co-citation tool which will find pages which link to multiple domains that you are researching.

The benefit of this is that a page which links to two of your competitors is far more likely to link to you too. On the other hand, pages which only link to one competitor could be pieces of content individually about that company, and therefore that data point is not useful for your link-building efforts.

Similarly, they have an excellent broken link building tool which will search for pages that have broken links on. These sites can then be contacted, and you can let them know that the links are broken and that you would like to offer your site as a valuable replacement.

7. Nightwatch

Nightwatch rank tracking

Nightwatch is an SEO tool designed for agencies, freelancers, and SMBs focused on scaling their business. With Nightwatch’s rank tracking, site audit, backlink, and reporting tools, you can grow your organic traffic, track your most important keywords, demonstrate the values of your SEO efforts, and drive more sales.

Their intuitively-designed dashboard is completely customizable and gives you a quick overview of how your websites are performing. Inside the app, you’ll get more specific dashboards for: SEO statistics, keywords visibility, traffic of your website, backlinks, and site audit.  

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Tim Brown

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Tim Brown

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Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

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