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Mission possible: Running your business from your smartphone

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on January 4, 2022 at 2:22 pm

The benefits of being able to run your business (or at least integral parts of it) from your smartphone are clear to all of us.

I mean, having everything you need to run your business right on your fingertips, all the time, is quite amazing. It also gives you freedom and does not anchor you to a location you might not enjoy.

Naturally, you might ask who’s doing it, if there’s anyone out there enjoying such a flexible life.

Well… let’s look into it!

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Anybody doing it?

Yes, many “big players” have already admitted that they’re used to running most of their business on their smartphones. How could they not? Being able to work, yet be wherever you want to be is a goal for many people.

For example, the CEO of Coca-Cola does it. Google’s Co-Founder and CEO, Larry Page has also admitted to it. He’s also famous for encouraging his teams to spend at least a day each week entirely on their mobile devices. Being on your smartphone at work is still frowned upon at many places, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

This way Larry Page makes sure his teams will be as flexible as possible. They will always be a swipe away from the business. Work will be embedded into their habits and lifestyle on a whole new level.

So are people doing it you ask?

They are, since 2013!

Thus, there’s no reason you can’t do it too, these people use the same phones and have access to the same apps like you.

You might still be wondering what parts of your business exactly you can run from your smartphone. You’d be surprised by how much you can actually do from that small electronic device.

You can stay close to your team, customers and all people who interact with your business. You can create ads and run campaigns. You can automate pre-set processes, you can send that last crucial email and seal the deal you’ve been working on for months…

You can do pretty much anything.

Let’s go through some tools that you can use on your phone wherever there is an internet connection.


Staying close to your customers and being able to see every little detail about some new hot leads, on the go is certainly doable. Most CRM developers are well aware that their clients are heavy smartphone users (who isn’t really?).

Many CRM solutions (PipedriveInfusionsoftZoho and more) already support smartphone apps. So you (and your teammates) can definitely stay on top of things at all times, on all devices.

Ain’t that nice?

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Many might argue that efficient collaboration between coworkers is nearly impossible if they are not sharing the same office space, at all times.

Here’s where they are wrong though.

Nowadays, you can find cloud-based software that will enable you to collaborate and share documents with your colleagues on the go, at any time, on any device.

Collaborating with your teammates and getting the job done while enjoying a cocktail on the beach?

Totally possible!

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Social media marketing

You already know you can check any updates and etc. on social media apps. But you can also update statuses, create events and etc. Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite will let you stay up-to-date with content performance on Social Media.

The Adverts app for Facebook will let you create catchy ads on the go. You can take care of the creative part of the ad (visuals), write a killer copy, target the right audience and fire away!

Nothing better than acquiring new customers while on the move, right?

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Marketing automation

Just like Social Media Marketing and paid ads, your automated marketing efforts will not simply dry out if you stay away from the office. That’s why it’s called automation, after all, so you can have more time to do other things as well.

Solutions like HubSpot, for example, provide powerful apps for all mobile drives. This will let you monitor and tweak campaigns on the go, while also keeping you close to all your contacts.

business smartphone

Customer service

Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to reach out to your customers or to handle their queries away from the office. It also looks like it will become even easier as more and more players join the industry.

So if you are running on a cloud customer service center such as LiveAgent, you’ll be able to use their app with ease. Accessing and tracking activity on support tickets can NOT really be any easier.

LiveAgent iOS

Industry-specific apps

There are tons of apps that are industry specific, but let’s assume you are running an online store. Then you would need some eCommerce specific apps. Depending on what you run your store on you might need:

These will let you have a quick overview of how things are going with your store and you will also be able to change things on the go.

Remember that if you run your business on your mobile, you can expect that your customers will also interact with your business via the same device. Thus, always make sure your site is optimized for mobile and try to provide the best mobile user experience possible.

Otherwise, you’ll have to answer all the incoming complaints!

business smartphone


So here you have it, it’s possible to run a business from your smartphone and people are already doing it. There’s nothing stopping you from going out there (preferably a place with pleasant climate) and running your business from your mobile.

It’s relatively easy since you are already used to being on your phone anyway. It’s also going to be even easier as everything is gradually switching to mobile. Even Google is going to change their index to a mobile-first one! After all, Larry Page has already begun the transformation of Google from within, making his employees use their phones as much as they can.

Now seriously, it might be a good idea for you to start on a smaller scale. Take one business activity at a time and see how it goes. Then go on and take another one and you’ll soon reach new levels of freedom in your workflow. Also, remember that not only you but everyone is using their phones so make sure you accommodate mobile users properly!

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