New version of LiveAgent

It’s time to update your LiveAgent

Oliver Stasinszky

Oliver Stasinszky

Last modified on February 22, 2022 at 11:20 am

The newest version of LiveAgent (5.17) is out. Here’s a list of what’s new:

Magento vol.2

Magento will no longer be supporting Magento 1 from June 1st, 2020 as they have updated their systems and are now operating on Magento 2. Therefore we’ve prepared and are now compatible with Magento 2.

Kayako Migration

You spoke, we listened. We received numerous requests from potential users wanting to make the switch from Kayako to LiveAgent. We made the necessary changes based on Kayako’s API updates, which allow you to migrate your Kayako data into LiveAgent with our pre-built migration plugin. 

You can find it under Configuration –> System –> Plugins 

It’s time to update your LiveAgent

Call History Export To CSV

Call history exports to CSV are now available! This quick export allows you to download call history data which can be easily shared between your company departments or uploaded into other apps such as Google Docs. This feature can be very useful when you are creating regular reports inside BI platforms and want to analyze your voice performance.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

We’ve added new accessibility features for those with special needs. Beforehand special needs readers could not identify and access specific fields such as contact forms. With our new update, special needs readers will be able to identify read such fields.

Security Audit and Privacy Policy

LiveAgent has undergone a security audit per Google’s newly incorporated security policies. Google requires all software vendors who develop apps on top of the Gmail API to pass the Google Cloud Platform OAuth API Verification audit. The audit consisted of a limited penetration test and assessments of our infrastructure, documentation, and staff. We’re happy to announce that on January 7th, 2020 we received our audit results, and we passed. However, this does affect our privacy policy. Upon updating your LiveAgent app, you will be required to review and consent to the updated privacy policy before you can continue using your LiveAgent dashboard.

It’s time to update your LiveAgent

Video Calls in Safari

Safari rolled out a major update that messed up and prevented video calls in the LiveAgent dashboard. We fixed it.

Preview Attachments in Tickets

To make LiveAgent even more user-friendly we added a ticket attachment preview through the Google Doc Viewer. From now on, when you’re sorting through tickets you won’t have to download attachments to view their contents. Simply click and preview.

Filters Count

This update is only applicable to large accounts that have 10,000+ users.  Once you’re logged into your LiveAgent dashboard, you will be able to see the filter’s exact number, not the standard 99+.

It’s time to update your LiveAgent

LiveAgent Free

We’re proud to release a free, limited version of LiveAgent. The free version of LiveAgent enables you to:

  • Engage with your website visitors with the free live chat tool
  • Manage all communications channels with our free ticketing system
  • Start calling and receiving calls with our free call center
  • Set up a free knowledge base for your customers

Head over to our blog post or check out our designated webpage to check out the full scope and limitations of LiveAgent free. Please note, as this version of LiveAgent is free, the conditions of its availability may change at any time.

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