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Leave your behind and make space for LiveAgent

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on June 8, 2022 at 12:28 pm is shutting down its services and this is the best time for you to switch to LiveAgent. Don’t procrastinate this decision as the full help desk migration is not a one-day job. Your customer service should start with a better solution. It should start with LiveAgent.

Being forced to switch to another software is never an easy task. You’re used to the UI, processes and your employees know the system perfectly. The tasks they do every day have a quick and real outcome. Getting used to other solution takes time. Just think about the last time you were forced or will be forced to make such a similar move. I can give you one recent example. Google announced the decision to end the life cycle of Inbox. Users have to switch to good old Gmail. Not everyone was satisfied with this announcement, mainly because of the specific features Inbox provided. There is cca half a year transition period, during which the users can decide which mailbox service they want to use. 

Don’t underestimate this important step and prepare your customer service department and company for a bold new beginning with better help desk software.

Good, reliable and feature-rich help desk with easy-to-understand UI is your main pillar of customer success. LiveAgent is your next full alternative to with everything you would expect to find in it. It comes with a smart ticketing system, real-time live chat with typing projection, built-in call center as well as with knowledge base and customer forums. The migration from your old help desk is often exhausting and time-consuming decision.  

5 main reasons to switch to LiveAgent

1. LiveAgent makes your customers happier

LiveAgent was built from the ground up with the customer focus on the first place. We believe, that the most valuable asset for any company in the world is loyal, satisfied, and happy customers, who like to return to it. Just remember how you felt every time you visited your favorite store, let’s say regular, brick one. Think about the interior design, the scent,  small details, and especially the quality of the products. It is not only about the products they sold to you, it is about the whole experience. LiveAgent wants to always provide the best experience to customers either through a great choice of features, simple UI, or A* support team. 

PS: Did you know that LiveAgent has the lowest customer to support representative ratio? This means we can also solve the issues faster, with personal approach and also with great care being taken.

2. Even your mum could set-up a LiveAgent account

As many of our customers previously pointed out, setting up a LiveAgent is a very easy, user-friendly, and simple task. The built-in tutorial will guide you through your beginnings and will help you to set up your account properly – starting from placing the logo all the way to set up the built-in call center. The interface is built on an intuitive and K. I. S. S. method (Keep it short and simple). If any problems would eventually occur, our customer support team is more than ready to help you with any of your requests. Just hit a message to us!

3. LiveAgent + regular updates = lifetime relationship

Do you know what most of the grandparents have in common (besides the age)? Well, most of the time it’s a functioning and long-lasting relationship. In nowadays world, when relationships last from several days and weeks to decades it is important to have a reliable partner. LiveAgent is the one you were looking for. It matches your expectations of quality and regular lifetime updates which bring not only security patches and performance improvements but also several times per year new features and customer favorite requests. 

Leave your behind and make space for LiveAgent

4. Meet the truly multi-channel help desk

I bet you also faced a situation when your expectations from the product, place, or even another person did not meet the reality. They were pretty high and the other side just did not provide enough for you to be satisfied with. LiveAgent is the genuinely multi-channel help desk solution which covers a good ol’ ticketing system, real-time live chat with smart ability to project what your customers are typing (even before they hit the enter button!), built-in call center for your talkative colleagues, and it even comes with the opportunity to create your own customer forums and knowledge base articles. Hmm, is not this enough? Well, add integration with social networks and other popular services to the list of qualities. LiveAgent is the help desk of your dreams.

5. LiveAgent is meant to serve SMBs

Looking for a polar bear in the jungle in the middle of the Amazon rainforest is most probably not the best idea. Just like looking for zen at the software, which better suits the needs of big corporations & enterprise businesses. LiveAgent fits your needs & expectations since most of our users come from this segment of the market – SMBs, which love to take care of their precious customers. Try it for 14 days for free to see why it is truly meant to serve SMBs. Even review aggregator sites like G2 Crowd think the same!

The smooth move from to LiveAgent

After you have made a great decision to switch to LiveAgent, it is time to prepare for moving from one place to another. Yes, just like moving in real-time from one apartment to another is usually a painful and exhausting experience, switching from one system to another can also have obstacles. Do not worry though! We prepared for you a great solution – a COMPLETELY FREE WHITE GLOVE migration from to LiveAgent. Just approach us at and our customer support representatives are here for you to assist with every necessary step. 

Do you prefer to go through this process on your own? We have got you covered as well with the simple integration tool “Help Desk Migration” or through the API built-in LiveAgent.  

No matter the option you choose in the end, in case you would have any questions, concerns, or possible issues, we are listening to your needs. Just send us a message at live chat/call us or get in touch with us through regular emails.

Eager to choose the right solution?

Did we put a bug in your head with LiveAgent and the list of its qualities? If yes, well, wait for the rest of the package. A very neat and always welcomed feature of products is the price/performance ratio. Getting the best possible outcome for a pretty affordable price tag is a requirement of several smaller businesses. The All-Inclusive plan of LiveAgent is lower by ~33%. See what is included in the top tier deal make another bold decision. If you are not sure which one would fit your needs the best, you know where you should turn to – You are welcome!

Now it is only up to you

Now you have a clearer picture of the importance of having enough time for help desk migration and a better idea of why LiveAgent is the alternative to, it is only up to you how and when you will act upon it. Keep in mind that preparation, switching, and getting used to new UI can take some time. Having LiveAgent implemented as soon as possible can have only a positive impact on doing your business and on your customers. And what’s more important than having satisfied customers? Start now and let your business grow.

Leave your behind and make space for LiveAgent

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