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How the travelling photo booth is crushing it with customer support

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on December 30, 2021 at 3:27 pm

We, at Live Agent, are really excited that a company like The Travelling Photo Booth is one of our customers. Curious about their success we asked Jacob and Matt a couple of questions to help us better understand their customer support secrets.

It all began in a cramped dorm room at the University of Minnesota. Matt and Jacob — one an architecture student, the other a building photographer. While photographing a wedding reception, Jacob witnessed the popularity of an old photo booth the guests used to commemorate their special day. As the guests frolicked around the contraption, a flash went off in his head — “we could do that better.” Since then, their booths have taken nearly one million goofy photos of adorable brides, uncles, friends, celebrities, shirtless groomsmen, flower girls, CEO’s and more.

traveling photo booth

1. What does your company do?

Long story short ,we are the oldest photo booth rental franchise in America (we operate in 16 unique markets) and specialize in renting one-of-a-kind photo booths to private events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events and everything in between.

2. How big is your Help Desk team?

We have 11 members as part of our Help Desk Team.

3. What’s the average number of customers your support team helps each month?

We serve 16 unique markets so it varies. The 2 agents in our largest market help roughly 85 unique clients a month. 

4.  Why do you care about your customer service?

We have plenty of competitive advantages and customer service is one of the advantages we take great pride in. We work primarily with Brides planning their weddings and it’s important to them that we care about their special day at least as much as they do! It’s not good enough to simply say you have excellent customer service. You actually have to demonstrate it and LiveAgent is one of the ways we do. 

5.  Do you measure your customers satisfaction and agents performance?

We measure customer satisfaction outside of LiveAgent after the sale. 

6.  How do you motivate your agents?

Our agents really don’t need motivation to use LiveAgent. It shortens the sales process tremendously and having different ways to communicate (email, phone, and chat) keeps us on our toes and keeps it interesting.

7. What qualities should a good support agent have?

Patience, intuition, and the desire to help.

8.  What is the most common issue your customers call/interact with you for?

Renting photo booths is still a relatively new concept so most customers generally have questions regarding the concept, the logistics, and pricing. 

9. Do you have a funny story from your Help Desk that you would like to share?

Not really 🙂

We thank Jacob and Matt for the interview and wish them luck in their business.

Contacts: @TravelingPB_MSP

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