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Help desk university – Part 5 – Internal chat

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Last modified on March 31, 2021 at 4:26 pm

help desk university part 5 internal chat title

Use internal chat to chat within your team

On many occasions, while providing customer support, you will need help from your colleagues. LiveAgent is well prepared for these situations and we have integrated a live chat function within the app itself, where you can communicate directly with your colleagues.

After logging in just navigate to Dashboard and right there, you’ll find a list of people who are currently online and available to chat. Then click on a green dot next to their name and you will see how busy they are and what tickets they are working on. If you are feeling helpless and need advice just click the “send an instant message”. This action will open special live chat window, where you can have a good talk.

Internal chat

If you need to have more than one conversation open at the time, we got that covered as well. Live chat window is moveable, resizeable and has a tabbed interface, so every instant thread stays in a same window. Enjoy using it!

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Head of Marketing

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