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Help Desk University – Part 2 – To Solve Button

Use To Solve button to easily access tickets that are meant for you

It’s easy to get lost in the universal inbox. Even more so when other agents are working in there as well. Luckily, LiveAgent is not Gmail and we have a feature to help with this. Let’s assume that your administrator already has set of rules and departments in place. This way, our software will determine which tickets should be answered by you – the support agent.

Easiest way to automate the workflow and solve one ticket after another is clicking the special To Solve button. After you click that, the system will automatically open the ticket and you are good to go. Also, if you need to have a quick overview about the amount of work waiting for you, just have a glance at number right next to “To Solve” button. It represents all the tickets that are currently opened and need your attention.

Help Desk University – Part 2 – To Solve Button

Help Desk University – Part 2 – To Solve Button

Nikoleta Vajdova

Content Manager

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