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Language switcher

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Use attributes in format region_from and region_to= to change the languages showing in language switcher.
Available regions are:
europe_from europe_to
asia_from asia_to
mideast_from mideast_to
america_from america_to

europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

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Help Desk

Help desk university – Part 1 – Chat invitations

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Last modified on March 29, 2021 at 11:13 pm

Be proactive – invite your customers to chat from the chats overview screen!

First, you need to create a chat invitation. It’s quite easy. Have a look at our instructional video or check out this knowledge base article.

Worried that your customers may be lost on your site? Use this feature to invite them to chat with you! It’s super easy, and can be done with one click.

Chat invitation gallery
Proactive chat invitation example

After you login to your agent panel, navigate to chats, then chat overview. There you can see an overview of  your customers or potential customers browsing through your website. See someone on the pricing page? Someone’s looking at your trial page? Invite them to chat with you. Just click the “hand” icon right next to them and choose invite.

Help desk university – Part 1 – Chat invitations
Chat overview

Don’t forget that proactive chat invitations work the other way around as well. Your customers will be prompted to start a live chat when they visit the URL where you have this function activated.

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

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