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Customer service skills that your agents need

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on October 29, 2020 at 5:48 pm

Customer service representatives need a wide set of skills in order to carry out their tasks of handling customers. Let us see, what these skills are and what implications they pose for the business.

PATIENCE is the key to everything

Patience is the foremost skill that a representative needs when dealing with customers. There can be some really nasty customers who just blow up on you for having experienced a bad day perhaps. Therefore, you should have patience. The staff needs to remain calm and understand what the consumer is actually trying to say.

Although, it is common to hear that customer service should be fast and efficient, but not so that it causes the whole structure to tumble down. A representative should be considerate and the company should make sure that the corporate culture supports such a behavior.

As the teachers say ‘PAY ATTENTION’

One of the main problems with many people in general is, lack of attention. However, the problem may not seem to be a problem until it actually exhibits itself in the realm of customer service. Attention is a crucial skill for the representatives to have.

You are talking to your customer but your mind is thinking about that beautiful girl or a guy you saw last night by the train station 🙂 Well, it is good that you have human instinct of getting attracted towards the opposite, but it is a sin for a customer service representative.

Your staff must pay close attention to what the consumers have to say. This is the one way you can get into the mind of your consumer. Sometimes it is common that a consumer may not throw it on your face outright ‘Hey, your product is ridiculous just like you!’ Sometimes you have to pay close attention to find out what the consumer wants.

He might keep on mentioning some glitches in the product or about how badly he was served by the last representative he called. The representative must remain cautious in order to find out such clues and interpret them.

Talk, talk and talk? Absolutely not

With the passage of time and growth of customer service, most people in the society have come to think that the only job of a customer service representative is to talk, talk and talk. Someone who just plays on with the words and fools you in the end.

This is certainly a misconception. Customer service has grown to become one of the most important aspects of a company. Representatives are bound by strict codes of ethics. However, they still need to talk though.

What it means is that they should have ‘GOOD’ communication skills. This implies that you must engage with the consumer such that it leads to the discovery of key information about the consumer. You must communicate in a manner which is conducive to building a long-term relationship with the consumer.

Ask the important questions with the right choice of words and at least pretend to be interested what the customer has to say. If you sound as if you are just doing it for the money, surely the customer will get demotivated by thinking that the company does not care about him/her.

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KNOWLEDGE is power

It surely stinks to study even after you get a job as a customer representative. It is, however, necessary. Why? It helps you better serve your customers.

You might be thinking that this implies every staff member should know even the most smallest of technicalities of the product. This is not the point though. Too much knowledge is again dangerous.

Having knowledge about the product over here means that the representative should be well-acquainted with the uses of the product, its ins and outs, the possible setbacks that can happen and how to solve them.

Such basic knowledge is something that even a consumer knows and hence it is not that hard to acquire. The representative who knows well what he/she is dealing with can better serve the needs of the consumer. He/she can respond faster with effective solutions.

Always be positive

Always be positive. Bet that you are hearing this absurdity since childhood. Well now that you are into the customer service area, you should know how important this thing is. Staying positive is the key to retaining customers.

Listen to them carefully and give them positive solutions. If they are having a problem with a product, try communicating the solution in an upbeat manner. If the solution does not work, reassure the customer that the support staff will have a look at it immediately.

Such attitude strengthens the loyalty and trust of the customer in the company.

So what have we learned?

Always remain calm and upbeat. Always hunt down for knowledge and be positive. It will not only help you in life but also make you the best customer service representative out there.

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