[Breaking news] Multi Knowledge base is now available!

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on January 12, 2022 at 1:48 pm

Yep, this is not a joke, the most requested feature from you – our customers – is finally available and ready to be deployed on your sites. There is one thing, which we have to admit and that is, that it took us some time to have it ready for you. After several thousands of code lines, hundreds of tests and fixes, the stable version has finally arrived.

Oh my sweet Jesus-gif

Do you wonder, where and how could it be useful? Multi knowledge base (or Mutli support portal) is built for those of you, who would like to provide separate customer portals for your several brands, types of customers or products and still follow your internal branding guidelines. Multi KB supports independent designs, content, widgets, forums or feedback boards. Now you can manage all of them from a single LiveAgent installation and respond to your customers requests efficiently.

Imagine (maybe you do not even have to imagine as it is reality in your company) that you have 2-3 products you would like to provide support for. Until this moment, each single one of them had to be on the same customer portal, together with the rest of your “offline customer support”. You did not have any chance to differentiate the design or widgets. Your products were not in line with your internal guidelines. Mutli KB solves this issue by giving you the flexibility to create unlimited amount* of customer portals for your specific products. Useful, is not it?

If you were not looking specifically for Multi KB, do not worry! We are listening to your voices and requests. There are several new features in the pipeline in development. They’ll be launching in the upcoming months, so stay in touch. Hint: Maybe you’ll be soon able to connect more social networks to your LiveAgent account besides Facebook or Twitter.

*Please keep in mind that 1 support portal is included with all accounts for free and each additional support portal is a paid feature at $19/support portal (Early Bird Price).

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