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8 eye catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates title

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on June 23, 2021 at 3:17 pm

Marketing tendencies, trends, and tools have changed greatly over the past years. Yet, email marketing still remains one of the most effective tools for boosting sales and traffic, and, of course, building relationship with your audience.

But while email marketing is indeed inexpensive and effective, it’s no easy thing to do. In fact, as time goes, it becomes even harder to make your readers open your emails. Most of your audience spends a lot of time online, gets tenths or even hundreds of emails coming into their inboxes every day, and definitely doesn’t have time to read them all.

So how can you make them pick your emails among others?

Naturally, by choosing an eye-catching subject line. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter how interesting and informative your content is – your audience won’t see it unless they decide to open your emails. And it’s the email subject lines that they base their decision on.

That’s why today, we want to offer you the 8 best email subject lines that usually do get an impressive open rate. Read them – and learn by example.

1. Were we boring you?

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

If you feel that your average open rate is lower than you planned or hoped, you could use this line to get the audience’s attention. Of course, this is a bit risky as they might actually use this opportunity to unsubscribe. But if your content is good, this probably won’t happen.

You might lose part of your audience but make the other part more engaged and interested in your emails. If your audience likes what you’re doing for them, they could actually even feel guilty about not paying much attention to your emails. The original line was first used by the SVN company and helped them boost the audience’s engagement.

2. Deals that make us proud (unlike our nephew, Steve).

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

This line first used by Groupon actually make the audience laugh – or at least smile. And that’s the great way to make them open that email.

You could modify this line or you could come up with something else that you (and, more importantly, your audience) consider funny. Of course, it takes more time than coming up with an average email subject line – and of course, this definitely shouldn’t be used too often. However, using humorous subject lines from time to time could really pay off in terms of your email marketing strategy and higher open rates.

3. Would you like to unsubscribe?

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

Another subject line that might look too risky to some business owners but could work out very well for some of them too. Moreover, is it really so bad to have some people unsubscribe?

Sure, you want a big audience. But most likely you want this audience to be actually interested in what you’re doing and what you’re offering. If some people don’t open your emails, they definitely won’t make use of our offers deliberately.

It’s a bold move. But it could help you scrub your email list of people who aren’t interested in you while leaving the ones who are – and possibly even earning their respect as well. You might consider using email verification service before sending such email, because combined with controversial name, email servers might easily evaluate such emails with high bounce rate as a spam.

4. Your AMAZING website

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

It seems simple, isn’t it? However, it works: people do like flattery and you’ll definitely get their attention by making them a compliment. Of course, you should be really careful with that. Do not overdo it, do not use this line too often, and always make sure that it would be relevant to the recipient.

For example, if you are writing to the owner (or to the blogger) of acustom writing site, «Your AMAZING texts» line might work just well. But when you’re doing a mass mailing, you need to be sure that all your audience are writers – otherwise, it would look weird.

Also, keep in mind to always, always make the content of your email relevant to this subject line. This goes without saying for any subject line, but for this one, it’s especially important.

5. 7 reasons to read this email.

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

People like numbers: they make emails look more specific and serious. This specific example is good because of two things: first, it does make the readers more curious, and second, it has numbers.

But even if you don’t need to make the audience curious, you could still make the most out of the numbers – and they would work well on their own too! For example, an email for a BookSurfCamps could be titled as «3 amazing places to go surfing next».

6. My secrets of writing content that goes viral.

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

This is one of the best email subject lines for many reasons. First, you’re talking about yourself, therefore making it look more personal. Second, you promise to tell a secret, making your audience feel special and making the information in the email look more valuable. Third, it does promise the audience that the letter will be informative and useful to them.

Write about everything related to your audience, be it lifehacks for living abroad or website creation tips. But be careful! There are two things to keep in mind while crafting such lines: they do have to have value to your audience and such emails itself do have to be informative. If you promise to share special secrets but end up writing tips that are too generic, you might disappoint your audience.

 7. Don’t open this email!

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

Or any other unusual line of your choice. There could be plenty of them, from pretty offensive like «Your marketing strategy sucks» to «Did you know that 9 of 10 people are wrong about that fact?».

They are good because they stand out immediately, catch the attention of the audience, and do increase the open rates. But you need to be extremely careful with these ones. Do your best to make the email’s content match the headline – otherwise, it would look like click-baiting, and people generally dislike it.

8. Here’s a free working business plan for you!

8 eye-catching email subject lines to catapult your open rates

GameAcademy used similar line while promoting their free app business kit – and it worked well. You, of course, don’t need to design a kit to achieve such result – creating any kind of exclusive (and useful) content for your subscribers would be enough.

People like free stuff. People like free stuff that could be useful to them even more. So if you create something great for them, make sure to craft a subject line that would make them want this stuff.

Crafting a compelling email subject line might seem like a mystery to you, but hopefully it doesn’t now. We are all people, after all, and most of us react to the same things – something unique, something unexpected, something valuable, and something free. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to craft amazing subject lines.

Which email subject lines turned out to be effective for your marketing campaign? Please share your stories and experience in the comments below!

Lori Wade

Guest Post Author

Lori Wade

Lori Wade is a content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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