7 tips how motivate your customer service team

7 tips how motivate your customer service team

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on July 12, 2022 at 2:04 am

Do you ever motivate your employees? Do you know how to motivate them? Do you ask yourself why to motivate them?

There is one simple answer fo all these questions: Because your customer’s satisfaction depends on it.
Do not underestimate it, because the proper motivation can improve your customer support, satisfaction and sales.
Successful companies have realized that customer service is an important attribute of their business plan and try to deliver the highest possible level of customer care.

Let’s begin improving your customer service!

Fortunately there are many ways how to motivate your staff. You can get inspired with these 7 tips:

1. Praise your employees

It’s the easiest thing in the world – everybody desires recognition and it costs nothing. Praise every improvement that the employee’s made. Express your appreciation also to others – thus their motivation will increase. But be objective, especially when you praise someone in front of his colleagues.

2. Instead of commands give suggestions

People generally do not like when someone tells them what to do. Instead of “I want you to do this!” rather ask: “Do you think it could be done this way?” or “What do you think of this proposal?”

3. Organize events and teambuildings

Corporate events and meetings are very suitable for strengthing your team. It is very important that people met sometimes even when they are in plain clothes outside of an office. Organise a sports day, picnic or go for a drink. Get involved in corporate volunteering. It reminds employees that they are a team and that they are on”the same boat”. Non-work environment can often be more convenient to resolve the tense situations.

Check out how we have fun in LiveAgent 🙂

4. Sanctions and threats (be very careful to use them!)

This method works only for people with a negative attitude to work -slobs- who must be kept under close control. Leaders must emphasize them the threats (loss of employment, transfer to another location…), and this motivates them to the consistent fulfillment of the duties.

5. Personal example of capable and competent leader

A strong motivational factor for employees is their exemplary, persistent, proactive, consistent and powerful leader.

6. Start an employee incentive compensation program

Instead of increasing wages, start an employee incentive compensation program, like an ESOP- Employee Stock Ownership Program. All employees from the CEO to the warehouse workers benefit, when the company does well. Since they want to gain the benefits, they will be motivated do their tasks to make that happen.

7. Listen to your employees what they’re saying

This is one of the easiest things you can do for an employee. Spending some time everyday to listen to employees will provide you insight on your business from the people who keep it running, you can also get new ideas from your staff. You can run pulse surveys to check on them. Moreover this will make your employees happy…

The better your customer service representatives are treated the better they’ll treat your customers.

Make work fun with gamification

Create healthy competition amongst your support agents and gamify their work! Ensure they have fun throughout the day chasing levels, badges, and rewards.

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