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6 tips on how to deliver the vest customer experience

6 tips on how to deliver the best customer experience

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on August 2, 2021 at 10:44 am

Have you ever lost a customer and didn’t know why? Maybe you didn‘t loose him because of your product but because of a poor customer experience.

To deliver the best online customer service is a very difficult task because when you sell the product physically then you can convince the customer by talking with the polite voice or by your good face expression if you are women. However, when you sell the product or service online, you cannot talk with the customer by voice face to face or you can not show your face expression. Thus, it becomes more difficult to convince the customers and make them understand about the different things. However, here are the few tips by which you can easily deliver the best online customer services all over the world.

1. Instant replies to customer questions

Do not take so much time to answer the customer regarding any question about your product or service. If any customer sends the inquiry, you have to give the prompt reply so that customer purchases the product on the spot. Instant replies to the customer shows that this company is working actively and it‘s watching the customer activities.

2. Do not create experience with the brand or the company but with real people

Personalize every email you send to your customers – use names, send emails from a personal email account. It‘s an opportunity to build a positive relationship with your customer.

3. Give “one customer” feel to buyer

It is very effective and essential for your business growth if you consider the customer very important and make him feel that he is only the customer of your company to whom you are providing services. When you give the respect and importance to any customer, then customers love to purchase your product and there is a high chance they leave the positive review of your website or market place. It is very important to maintain the good reviews on your product on different marketplaces for getting more sales. All of this can be possible if you deliver the best online customer service.

4. Answer in positive tone

Do not talk with the customer in a bad way and do not make the customer realize that you are rude and angry, for example when your boss has scolded you. These all is your personal matter and you can not talk with the customer along with this behavior. You have to be relaxed while talking with the customer and always say “I am here to help you”, “Thank you”, moreover be enthusiastic and proactive. The positive tone of answering to the customer can boost your sales.

5. Best Practices

The way of talking should be exceptional and polite to the customer because if you will talk rudely or do not give the importance to the customer then the buyer will cancel the order or even give the negative review as well. Thus, you must be careful while talking with the customer. Accept the best practices for convincing the customer for purchasing the product or services, the best practices will boost your career as well

6. Make a decision and do not be afraid

While talking with the customer, you have to make a decision regarding the instant shipping, giving discounts and other things. At that time do not be afraid and make decision for providing the best service to the customer.

“News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.”
White House Office of Consumer Affairs

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