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15 strategies for chat agents title

15 strategies for live chat agents

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on July 27, 2021 at 11:03 am

People who use live chat at least once per week (40%) are more likely to purchase compared to those who don’t (22%), a study by Bold Software revealed. 38% of the respondents also said, that having the option of a live chat session made them purchase.  

Good communication with visitors can lead into turning them to customers.

Here are top 15 strategies to help you achieve just that.

1. Answer the chat within 10 seconds

Don’t let your customers wait. Preferably not longer than 10 seconds. Visitors like quick responders. They decide weather to buy or leave based on the response speed of your chat agents. One of the top priorities these days is a quick customer service. Think about that to keep your visitors happy. 

2. Offer a transcript

Many customers want to keep a record of their conversation with a live chat agent. Especially when it comes to mentions about hidden costs or taxes. Sending each customer a transcript of the chat at the end of the session is the way to go. Just ask for their email address and permission, then email the transcript to them. 

This little gesture will be a viewed as a big plus in the eyes of your visitors, and make your business look good too.

3. Make use of canned messages

It does take some time to write basic messages such as a greeting when starting a chat. This can cause a slight delay. Not if you use canned messages. These can help automate parts of your conversation and therefore speed it up. You will need to make sure, not to use to many of such messages in one chat session.

You don’t want your visitors to think they are talking to a machine rather than a human.    

4. Use a targeted chat tactic

Not everyone wants to chat. It will be up to you to decide, which one of your visitors wants to chat to a professional. Let your agents check out what are your visitors looking at and then decide who will they talk to in more detail. 

If done correctly, targeted, proactive chat tactic can help you turn visitors into customers. 

5. Be professional, but do add a bit of personality within the chat

There is a fine line here.

Being too professional will make you seem rigid, and being too personal can be rude. Customers need to have the right balance of the two. People like talking about themselves so ask them what they like. Offer your suggestions. Maintain this tactic till the end to make them purchase from you.

6. Use a pre-chat survey

People want to chat for a reason. To save them time by not having to explain their query to you in a chat, create a pre- chat survey. This will give your visitors a chance enter in their queries and save your time too. If you decide to create such survey, make sure to use targeted questions.

7. Be focused on the chat

When chatting to a visitor, pay attention.

Try to answer visitor’s questions as soon as you can. Keep your visitor informed at all times. If you need to check on their query or a customer order, let them know. Don’t keep your visitors and customers in the dark. Doing this will ensure a positive outlook of your business.

8. Be honest

Always be honest with your customers. Most level headed customers will not mind if you can’t answer their query. Don’t drag your conversation with them aimlessly. Be sure to point them to someone who can answer their query.

Your customers will appreciate this honest and simplistic approach.

9. Look for feedback

Feedback is everything. Always ask your visitors and customers for feedback about your site or product. Ask for their suggestions.This will make them feel valued and keep coming back for more.

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10. Use their previous chat history

Have the option of a chat history.

If a customer suggested something, that would be in your websites best interest in the past, bringing up the conversation next time would be a great idea. Having this option can enhance your business’s value even further.

11. Reduce your average response time

Response time is a deal breaker. The less you make your customers waiting, the more they are likely to purchase. Taking 2-3 minutes to answer a query, can lead to loosing the customer completely.

Avoid this and respond adequately quick.

12. Ask if the consumer would be interested in any additional information

Don’t bombard and spam your customers inboxes. 

Rather ask them if they are interested in receiving additional information about your products or offers. Visitors and customers to your site will appreciate you asking them, which will ultimately help you.

13. Address customers by their name

Having live chat is great, but it needs to be as specific as possible. Ask your visitors and customers to provide their names at the start of the chat, then use their name throughout the rest of the chat with them.    

14. Act friendly

It is extremely important to maintain a friendly demeanour during  live chat with your customers. This can make or break the sale.

15. Use a typing indicator

Using a typing indicator let’s you know when the other person is typing a message. This is an excellent method to stay connected with your customer. Mainly because you know when your customer has read your message and is typing a response or vice versa.

This is just another trick on providing an excellent customer service.  

Having all of these 15 tips always on your mind will ensure a constantly positive experience for your visitors, which in turn can lead to more buying customers and a prosperous business. If you want to become a customer support pro, download the ebook below.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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