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Available regions are:
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europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

10 fool proof ways to build customer trust

10 fool-proof ways to build customer trust

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Last modified on June 2, 2021 at 9:28 am

Internet is a place where every bad impression means a loss of potential customers. To avoid this, business websites have to follow some elementary rules of credibility.

Solid customer base is the lifeblood of any business. Especially if gaining new customers is on the cards. A business cannot operate successfully if their potential customers don’t trust them enough to buy their product or pay for the service.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to create a trust-worthy business page without breaking the bank.

Build a professional website

While we frequently hear the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” humans habitually judge the product or service by how it is presented to them.

Imagine a brick-and-mortar storefront. Every successful business invests time and money to make sure the store is clean, easy to navigate, the important locations like the registers and help desk are clearly labeled, and the products and furniture are visually appealing.

The same goes for a digital store. Pages need to be well organized, uncluttered, and have a crisp professional layout. Broken links and content should be regularly updated, easy to find and to navigate. In the times of ecommerce, we can modify the old saying to: “Everybody judges a book by its cover.

Tip: You don’t need a team of designers and programmers to create an appealing website. Instead, there is a number of drag and drop builders like Squarespace or Weebly able to help you to create beautifully designed websites using templates made by professionals.

Encrypt the site

Protecting customer’s account information is of the utmost importance. Especially in the age of data misuse, phishing or hackers attacking big companies for credit card information. They want to feel safe while visiting a website. The green security badge in the address bar and “https” label will do the job. Customers will be assured that reasonable measures are taken to protect their sensitive data.

Tip: To make your customers feel safe, ask your hosting provider to secure your website with SSL certificate vpn software. Another option is to buy your own SSL certificate from certificate authorities like GlobalSign or Symantec and ask your hosting provider to install it.

Obtain certified seals

Seals lend credibility to your website. Certifications involve passing evaluations and meeting specific criteria set by a credible 3rd party organization, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Customers trust the judgment of that agency, and the companies they back with their seal of approval. These seals can be vital in attaining the edge against competitors, especially with cautious buyers.

Tip: You can earn your trustmark from certifiers such as Trustedshops that test and review your e-shop. If it meets the criteria, the trustmark you obtain will give the buyers peace of mind, so they won’t hesitate to order from you.

Seals can be vital in attaining the edge against competitors. Click to Tweet

Monitor the advertisements

Remember the saying “You are the company you keep.” The revenue from keeping other people’s ads on your site can be alluring. It is a passive way to generate income with no overheads. But be careful.

In the eyes of your customer, everything on your website is your responsibility. It only takes one inappropriate advertisement flashing on your website to destroy your image. Especially if the ad code automatically redirects the customer to a phishing scheme or loads up their computer with malware.

10 fool-proof ways to build customer trust

Publish the shipping costs and refund policy

Buyers hate surprises that cost them money. Make sure to provide easy access to the shipping costs and refund policy so that customers can make informed shopping choices.

Be accessible

This is a great way to make the business more interactive and accessible for the customer base. Its not unusual for loyal and happy customers to act as a volunteer task force on pages to answer customer questions, provide reviews and recommendations and put out small fires.

Tip: Let people find you, talk to you or ask questions using social media. It is the best and easiest way for a two-way interaction. Social media management tools such as Socialflow and Sproutsocial offer unique insights on engagement, track mentions, schedule posts and a whole lot more to make the most out of the relationship with your customers.

Be prompt and courteous with responses

Always make sure there is a clear way the customer can contact a company. Preferably by several methods including social media, email, and phone.

In today’s fast paced world it is important to respond to a customer quickly, preferably within minutes. Keep frustrating hold times on the phone to minimum.

If you can’t respond immediately, let people know about the status of their request. Don’t leave them in uncertainty. Program an automated email that acknowledges their attempt to contact the company complete with an estimated time frame to expect a response by. Assure your customers that somebody is solving their issue.

Don’t leave your customers in uncertainty. Assure them that somebody is solving their issue. Click to Tweet 

Be polite, even with the most stubborn and unpleasant of customers. There will always be that one person that can not be pleased, no matter what. Bear with it and keep your professional image.

Tip: How to handle any type of complaining customer

Keep Promises, rectify problems

Never look for a loophole to provide customer a service, no matter how justified the exception seems. If you charge for overnight shipping, they expect the items to arrive within 24-48 hours at the latest. If you offer an unconditional replacement guarantee, do not refuse to make the replacement if the person admits that they threw the product out a window during a fight.

If there are problems, acknowledge and solve them.

For example: If a customer was sent a faulty product, send them a replacement and a return label. If they were upset by the representative’s attitude, take down all the information, offer an apology (and a small discount or gift for their trouble) and make sure to follow up to let them know their problem was looked into. Do not leave room for the problem to fester.

Provide a guarantee

Customers are taking a leap of faith in buying from you. Provide a money-back guarantee, a lifetime parts-replacement guarantee, or any other promise that protects them from losing money on the venture.

This projects confidence in the company’s product. Also, if there is a problem, the customer has the assurance that there will be a timely resolution.

Put the customer first

Every business depends on revenue, especially from regular and returning customers. You will make a greater impact if you find out exactly what the customer needs and then find them the most budget-friendly way to solve that need.

Then make suggestions for extras such as: upgrades or other bells and whistles as long as they are receptive to these ideas. This shows you have their interests at heart and you are listening. Perhaps consider waiving the shipping fee on the first order, or throw in a small discount.

This can score you great reviews and positive word of mouth advertising. People are far more likely to trust the word of another customer than the word of the company itself. So no matter how small, give them something to brag about.

Tip: To listen closely on what people say about your product or service, try ReviewTrackers. It can help you adjust your customer service policy and get the most value from what people have to say about the product you sell or the service you provide.

Keep your head and standards high

It can be very simple to create a trustworthy atmosphere. With a cleaned up website, transparent policies and other adjustments a company can shine in the customer service market wherever they are. Sticking with these principles is the key to low bounce rates and higher conversions.

Matej Kukucka

Matej Kukucka

Head of Marketing

I am currently managing marketing efforts here at LiveAgent. I love SaaS products and according to my colleagues I am using too many browser extensions. Outside of my computer I play chess and drink too much coffee.

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