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Learn more about the various awards and quality certificates won by LiveAgent during the course of the years.

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LiveAgent and its awards

Our service has been distinguished with industry awards from several leading B2B & SaaS related organizations including positive recognition from popular review platforms and experts in the field of help desk solutions. It cemented its place as the leader in several categories including help desk software, live chat software and customer support software.

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LiveAgent helps retail industry with providing the best possible customer service. LiveAgent - one omnichannel solution to satisfy every customer.

Helpdesk software for Retail industry

LiveAgent is a comprehensive customer service software that improves satisfaction with features like automated ticketing and real-time interactions. It offers valuable content and integrations for online businesses, with excellent support and value for money.

For agents, they act as a reminder about the ticket that they have generated, but yet needs to be solved. This helps them work better.

E-mail notification

LiveAgent is a customer support software that offers features like ticketing and live chat. It emphasizes the importance of understanding key features and settings. Email notifications play a crucial role in customer support, providing updates and improving communication. In LiveAgent, agents can set up various email notifications to stay organized and informed.

LiveAgent customer service webinar focuses on multi-channel help desk solution. Live chat, ticketing software, live chat, built-in call center and much more are included. LiveAgent free trial is available for a limited time.

Learn all about LiveAgent with webinars

LiveAgent is a comprehensive customer service software for the retail industry. It offers automated ticketing, real-time interactions, and integrations with social media channels. It helps improve customer relationships and communication, with email notifications playing a crucial role in customer support. LiveAgent also provides features for improving marketing reputation, reducing lost tickets, and increasing productivity levels. The software is highly rated and trusted by major companies, offering over 175 features, language support, and a free trial.

Automate and organize your workflow with rules. Rules allow you to organize your tickets, send automatic replies, and more.


LiveAgent is praised by various users for its effectiveness in improving customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing better support.

The best live chat alternatives contain a specific set of features that will set you up for success. Find out what they are today!

Discover the best live chat alternative

LiveAgent is highly recommended as a superior alternative to Kayako, providing added value and quick, effective support solutions for businesses.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website.

HTTPS encryption

LiveAgent is a reliable customer support software with a high rating. It offers customization options and integrations with hundreds of tools through API. LiveAgent also has an iOS app and an automated callback feature to increase customer satisfaction. Pricing starts at $9/month/agent and a free trial is available. A demo can be scheduled on multiple dates. Contact forms and chats are available, with cookies needed. Installation progress is shown with a loading bar.

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