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With LiveAgent, your emails, chats, calls, social media mentions and other channels will end up in one universal inbox.  Read more...

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Build virtual call center as part of your multi-channel help desk solution. LiveAgent centralizes phone calls from your website or landline into single place. Read more...

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Integrate your social media profiles into LiveAgent and reply to comments, private messages or tweets directly from your account. Read more...

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Your AppSumo purchase detailed

Find out what features you have access to

What does AppSumo deal include?

Your AppSumo deal grants you lifetime access to 2 agents for a single purchase of 59$. Please, be aware that also owner of the account counts to this limit, therefore you have the ability to create 1 additional agent without any charge. Each additional agent is rated according to our standard pricing, 39$ / month for an agent.

Will I be charged for additional agents?

Yes, our system will try to charge your account for the real usage. Therefore performing even “tests” or “trials” for a very limited amount of time will result in the notification, that your account will be charged the corresponding amount. Before you will try to add additional agent(s) a pop up notification will show up in your LiveAgent account.

Can I refund my purchase?

Yes, all the refunds are handled exclusively through the AppSumo. Be aware, that once you refund your coupon code, you immediately lose access to your LiveAgent account installation. There will be no exceptions made. Once you asked AppSumo for refund, we will suspend your account. Permanent termination will follow after 1 month since your account has been suspended.

What features do I have access to?

You have access to all features included in the All-Inclusive plan of LiveAgent. Please note, that some of the features are extra paid (for example additional knowledge base) at the rate according to our standard pricing. Your AppSumo purchase gives you ability to use & implement call center, live chat, use the ticketing software and set up customer portal.

Can I redeem my code multiple times?

Short answer is no. Long answer is no, each purchased code can be redeemed / used only once. Our systems will detect each additional attempt to use it and these additional accounts will be suspended and at a later date terminated. Only the first created account will stay active. Your AppSumo purchase provides you with 1 coupon usage only.

Can I buy multiple codes on AppSumo?

Definitely, you can buy multiple codes on AppSumo. However, each code can be used only once and each LiveAgent account can be connected with just 1 code.
Example given:
Customer John Doe bought 3 codes on AppSumo. He can use them, however, he will need to create 3 separate LiveAgent accounts.

Is stacking available?

Stacking is not available. The AppSumo code grants you access to 2 agents with one code. One LiveAgent account accepts only 1 redeemed code. Take into consideration, that while adding additional agents you’ll be notified about this and later on charged for the real usage.

Where can I redeem my code?

You can redeem your purchased AppSumo code on the following page. During the sign up process and account creation we will ask you for your name, email and domain you want to use for your customer support. 

What is the deadline to redeem purchase?

Your code(s) have to be redeemed until the 1st of December 2019. This is the final deadline and any additional requests to redeem codes will not be accepted.

Where can I read the full ToCs?

You can read the full text of our Terms & Conditions on our dedicated page

Excerpt from T&Cs

Each Code purchased on the AppSumo page shall be redeemed only once (1 time). Each additional redemption of the same Code is strictly against these Terms & Conditions. In case of multiple redemptions of the same Code You lose access to the Service and Your additional accounts shall be suspended. 

You are required to redeem your Code(s) before the 1st December 2019. 

Excerpt from T&Cs

Purchase of The Package grants You lifetime access to two (2) agent seats (“Users”) of the Service’s All-Inclusive (All-in-one) plan for a value of $59. The two (2) agent seats include one seat designated to You (“Owner” of the Account) and one (1) seat for “Agent” or “Admin”. 

Each additional User added to Your Service account is subject to the regular pricing model of the “All-Inclusive” / “All-in-one” plan as described here. Full text of Terms & Conditions is available here

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