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  • Benefits of live chat software

Benefits of live chat software

These days, customers are well aware of what to expect in terms of customer service.

  • Customers access all support channels to get answers to their questions conveniently.
  • They do not expect to wait in long call queues.
  • They want detailed answers and they want them immediately.

Moreover, they expect a brand to be consistent in terms of support!

Now, can a brand offer such impeccable customer service consistently?

Yes, and that’s why we see business owners implementing tools like Live Chat software – LiveAgent to ease their support process.

You must have noticed a small chat icon at the bottom right corner of a website. Using this software as a service tool, your business can:

  • Provide real-time support
  • Monitor visitor activities
  • Track customer feedback
  • Calculate customer satisfaction rate

Besides these live chat benefits, an organization can achieve a lot more. In short, a live chat tool has become a convenient option not only for customers but also for website owners.

Let’s take a look at some of the key live chat benefits that website owners can attain by utilizing live chat software.


Key live chat benefits

No doubt, live chat can equip brands to provide faster resolution to customer queries. However, the use of this software is not limited to instant support. There are a lot more advantages that a brand can attain from its use.

#1: Reduce support expense

According to a research study by Forrester, customer service provided by live chat is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call. That’s because a phone does not allow you to manage multiple customers at the same time. Whereas, managing multiple customers with live chat is a lot easier. This allows companies to save time and resources.

Takeaway: Few live chat operators can manage more customers in comparison to a large team of phone support employees. This results in fewer support expenses.

#2: Boost in sales

Want to boost sales? Get those live chat benefits!

An American Marketing Association Study claims that using live chat can boost conversions by 20% and the typical ROI rate (from a paid live chat tool for sales team) crosses 300%. What’s more, the study also reveals that people who use the tool are three times more likely to make the purchase in comparison to those who don’t.

Takeaway: Live chat helps generate more leads and subsequently converting them into sales becomes an efficient process. Your support team gets more space to convert visitors into loyal customers.

#3: Improve customer loyalty

Did you know that live chat can boost satisfaction rates up to 73% in comparison to email (61%) and phone support (44%)? Well, this was established by a study conducted by eDigital Customer Service Benchmark.

Overall, live chat is the best sales conversion hack we have today. From customer acquisition to conversion, the tool helps a brand to engage with visitors in real-time and resolve their questions faster.

Apparently, customers feel more confident if they find a live chat software solution on a website. That’s because they know that their queries will be resolved in no time!

Takeaway: Live chat helps you provide instant resolution and succeeds by giving the same assurance to customers. It is the perfect recipe for improving customer service and loyalty.

#4: Discover problems faced by customers

There was a time when customers had to wait patiently while their call was put on hold. But as technology evolved, so did their patience level. Not getting instant answers to their queries was the most pertinent problem that customers faced. However, live chat tackled the issue with flying colors.

What’s more, adding a personal touch to the conversation is a lot simpler, the reason being your operators get to monitor visitor activities in real-time.

This gives them a head start on;

  • possible problems they may encounter on a page
  • what stops them from browsing a page further
  • what to expect in case a visitor initiates a chat

To further understand various customer pain-points, operators can get easy access to chat transcripts and make a note of what not to do when providing support to the same customer the next time.

Takeaway: Discover customer problems faster, improve services along those lines, and keep your customers delighted.

#5: Get competitive advantage

One may ask, “how does the use of live chat software give a competitive advantage to a business?”

Telus International states that major companies are still not using a live chat tool at their website. That means they are missing out on a lot of benefits this tool has to offer. However, another study claims that only 9% of websites were found using live chat services to offer real-time support to their customers.

These stats indicate that your business can gain a competitive edge over big names in the market who haven’t put live chat to use on their websites. This is a great way to make your support approachable and instant. Your customer service team also gets an opportunity to become more proactive, something that customers expect from a brand today.

Takeaway: A live chat allows your business to stand out from your competitors and reach more people faster in comparison to others.

Benefits of Live Chat and How to Use It

Other advantages

Besides these, your business can also attain advantages like:

  • Improve market reach
  • Become proactive
  • Access reports in order to understand where your business lacks as a service provider
  • Monitor customers’ feedback to improve your services

However, to attain these live chat benefits, it is important to know what tips and tricks you can implement. It will help your business increase your customer satisfaction rate hassle-free. Let’s go through this elaborate list of tips and tricks that can help your brand keep customers delighted at all times.

Must-follow live chat tips & tricks

Constantly tracking your live chat and how visitors are behaving at your website is just one side of the coin. To experience the positive impact of using a live chat on your website, it is important to consider certain factors that give your support process a holistic view. Some call them crucial factors, while some of us find them to be efficient tips and tricks.

Add a human touch

Introduce yourself to your customers by name. Rather than giving an image of electronic interaction, your customers will feel a human touch as they would know that a real person is sitting on the other side to reply back to their queries.

Use typing indicators

A typing indicator will give your visitors an idea that your operators are actively engaged in the conversation.

Avoid using ellipses

Avoid using those three little dots during a live chat conversation as it gives the impression that operators are speaking to the customers indirectly.

Do NOT use caps

Do not write the entire sentence in capital letters to avoid giving your customers the feeling that your operators are shouting at them.

Use Emojis

You can embrace the use of emojis to give a human touch to your conversations and help your operators show their friendly side.

Utilize canned responses

Implement the use of canned responses to reduce response time and maintain consistency among all operators.

Always be proactive

Before your customers approach you with their problems, learn to approach them first. You can send personalized proactive messages through live chat that not only indicates you care for them but also improves your operators’ productivity.

Route chats to correct departments

Live chat can help you send the right customer query to the right department. All you have to do is route them to operators belonging to relevant departments.


Enable the use of file transfer

Besides the use of emojis or avoiding the use of capital letters, another way to show your customers you care for them is to enable the use of file transfer. By sending them relevant files, they will get a vibe that your operators are actively engaged in the conversation and prefer to send the correct information on time.

Learn to use post-chat survey forms to your benefit

Rather than sending a separate NPS form to each of your customers after a certain period of time, you can also use post-chat forms to gather visitor and customer feedback for your services. This will allow you to know where your services stand and how they can be improved further.

Provide step-by-step assistance with co-browsing

Utilize co-browsing in case you don’t have self-help articles that act as a guide for your customers.  With a hands-on approach during a chat session, your operators can provide an in-depth support experience to your customers.

Use chat history to know customer pain points

There must be a reason why certain customers do not approach your brand after receiving support for the first time. It is time to learn why this happens. Use chat history to analyze what went wrong during those chat sessions and how it can not be repeated in future conversations.

Capture leads and nurture them with a powerful CRM integration

Adding a live chat definitely helps your business to generate more leads. However, capturing them is not the only outcome you’d like to focus on. Integrate your live chat with powerful CRM platforms such as; Salesforce, MSDynamics, or SugarCRM to shortlist qualified leads and nurture them into purchasing buyers.

Enable internal chat sessions to improve response time

Allow your operators to manage difficult chat sessions better by enabling the use of ‘whisper’ messages.

Be available for your customers anytime, anywhere

No doubt, customers expect you to be prompt. But, is it really possible at all hours? Yes, it is. With a live chat mobile app, your operators get the freedom to reply back to customer queries no matter where they are. Remember, instant support is the key to win over your customers.

Live chat benefits; the overall growth of your business

There is so much to explore and understand through the use of live chat software. However, the live chat benefits can only be achieved once you know what strategies to implement while using the software. With this article, we aim to cover:

  • the benefits a business can achieve from the use of the tool
  • tips and tricks that improve its use

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